Rocket Pete

28 Jähriger Sänger und Gewinner des "Bester Pop-Sänger 2007" des "25. Deutschen Rock und Pop Preises".
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Rocket Pete über sich

Zitat:Alter: 28 Jahre // Aufgewachsen: Lichtenfels in Bayern (Deutschland) // Gehört: Rock, Pop, Soul, R'n'B // Gewinner "Bester Pop-Sänger 2007" des "25. Deutschen Rock und Pop Preises"

Rocket Pete was born in a little town on a planet called earth to make some funny kind of waves. You can describe his sound by using words like melodically pop'n'roll or britpop soul with a little breeze of modern disco-cowboy influences. Today he lives on the fifth floor of Munich next to the stars.

Songwriting and singing in bands of different languages from swing to rock music made his musical life colorful and bright. Over the years he spend lots of rainy days in playing guitar, drums, base, keys and designing sounds...

So now he arranges and produces his own songs to blow them out to the universe (considering the fifth floor thing, he simply has to open the window ;).

His award winning songs made it to the first prize of the upper franconian, bavarian and german rock award (DRMV e.V.) just as the galaxy music strike (RADIO GALAXY) and assured him airplay on BAYERN 3 and ANTENNE BAYERN (e.g. band of the week).

And maybe he will move flat up to the sixth floor someday ;) "

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rocketpete | 2.Jän.2008
NEWS: Rocket Pete ist Gewinner des "Deutschen Rock und Pop Preises 2007" in der Kategorie "Bester Pop-Sänger 2007" (1. Platz)


aus München | *2007