Ein junger Grazer mit Klavierausbildung, der seit einiger Zeit nicht mehr von "Reason" und elektronischen Sounds lassen kann.
Seismo - Real (feat_ Modest Oda)
Der Grazer Produzent Seismo hat wieder gemeinsame Sache mit Modest Oda gemacht und diesen Drum and Bass Song produziert.

Seismo ├╝ber sich

In the early 2000s, Seismo established himself as a beat producer and was featured on quite a few albums in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In the course of time, the style of the Graz native developed in the direction of electronic music. Working as a techno DJ he financed his sound engineering education in Vienna. Seismo played in a number of clubs alongside greats of the scene, including the Pratersauna in Vienna or the Postgarage in Graz.
In 2014, his song "I Know You" was number 1 of the Radio Soundportal charts for several weeks and went into the top 10 of the annual charts. Airplay on Radio FM4 or Antenne Steiermark followed. Since then he produces his own songs, but also works as a remixer with acts like Chris Beer, Modest Oda, bodies & words, or Pirates on a Boat of Love. He also released international productions, like with reggae legend Lee "Scratch" Perry, who passed away in August 2021.
Seismo's productions are always very melodic. Synthesizer sounds merge with the sounds of his piano. Combined with electronic beats, the result is an exciting cross-genre mix that ranges from slower dreamy, pop-electro songs to faster EDM numbers.


aus Graz | *2012
Graf Markus