Selecta Bence

Ein neuer Lockdown-Song vom ehemaligen Blockwerk-Musiker und Dunkelbunt-Vokalisten.
Selecta Bence - I-Soul-Ation feat_ Cafe Duo
Music for lockdown situations. Bence and Cafe Duo maintaining a positive vibe during dark days.

Selecta Bence über sich

Austrian bedroom producer Selecta Bence started out writing songs as band member of the alternative pop-rock band Cunning Dorx ("The Blue Rider") and the electronic formation Blockwerk (Blockwerk's "Inner Peace" - made the FM4 charts back in the day, "Straight Forward" features remixes by Erik Sumo, DJ Collage and Electric Indigo).

During his time as record store owner in Vienna, DJ Selecta Bence toured with Mightyjust & MC Coalman (Global Groove LAB) as Badfish Records Sound.

Bence is known for his coops with [dunkelbunt] "Smile on your face" and "Roll Away". Working for the indie music distributor Soulseduction and the Kruder & Dorfmeister label G-Stone Recordings when the millenium was still young, Bence linked up for collaborations with several musicians, DJs and producers such as Phazes a.k.a. Jan Bozek (Dubfiction), Christian Camille, Ikarus, Cafe Duo and Anorganik.
He released his debut album Big Bird Small Cage in 2016.

A producer since 2010 with no obligations, a million streams of influence, tons of ideas for open ears and a slow but confident output of edgy music, Selecta Bence is determined to keep flinging tunes...


aus Wien | *2000
Benedikt Unger


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