She Got Salty Bones

Eine in Klagenfurt beheimatete Musikerin, die mit Gitarre mehr als zwei Jahre in Australien und Neuseeland auf den Strassen gespielt hat.
Song: Together
Album: Ocean Shores
Release: 16.01.2021

She Got Salty Bones ├╝ber sich

She Got Salty Bones music feels underneath the skin. Her first Album "Ocean Shores" was composed during her life as a troubadour. She spent more than two years, touring around Australia and New Zealand as a street musician. A busking life next to the beach and surfy towns, capturing life by the heart. Lyrics, inspired through the vibrant emotions of her female heart and her vision of a global community.
She will take you on an emotional journey with earthy guitar sounds and a smokey voice to embrace yourself.


aus Klagenfurt | *2018
Stephanie Laggner


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