Ein Zwei-Mann-Projekt aus Wien und dem Burgenland bringe mit wechselnden Gästen Reggae, Funk, Dub und Rock zusammen.
b.i.p.a. for us
real time energy DUB.
the result of a moment...

ShONGi über sich

Zitat: "Which effect has music on our mind, Body and Soul? This is the Research Area of ShONGi ; here comes Reggae, Funk, DUB and Rock together. Intermediate result - 'for Love only' ShONGi's First CD, will Be released beginning of spring.

Live, ShONGi combine with the audience and create One Universal Sound, Real time Energy DUB.

Daumas (bass) and Milon ( git, voc ) Started to change their musical-mindset 10 years ago.
Criso joined 2009 to amplify the Output.

ShONGi says, 'no Time to Waste anymore, there is a lot of things to change within ourselves.'"

Neueste Nachricht von ShONGi:

shongi | 6.Feb.2010
ShONGi means accompany;
we are living in a world of vibrations...

so, let positive vibrations be your alltime-ShONGi!!


aus wien, burgenland | *2007
daumas bayer - bass
milon rahman - git/voc