Sina Moonlake

Die Songs dieser Sängerin aus Wien haben schon Vergleiche mit Lana Del Rey oder Ellie Goulding heraufbeschworen.
The girl by the water wondering if God exists. And if he exists, whether he can send a miracle. She was 17, zodiac sign Scorpio, thus she was always close to the water. The moon reflected in the lake. The miracle was a long time coming, but what was sent to her at that moment was a new idea of herself. And a new name. From that moment on she has been Sina Moonlake. The lake was somewhere in Austria, and the nature there was too beautiful not to be kitschy. This was where Sina Moonlake grew up. This was where she learned to marvel. Life to her has been "simply impressive," she says, "and everything in the world is emotionally entangled for me." She has since turned the nocturnal sphere (moon) by the lake into music. "Undone" is Sina Moonlake's debut single, set for release on Mai 26, 2021.

Sina Moonlake über sich

The smoky volume in Sina Moonlake's voice, which can unexpectedly soar to lunar heights, suggests comparisons to Lana Del Ray and Ellie Goulding. There is a secret in every note - and perhaps a small trace of old pain. "Music for the night" is what she does, and the phases of the moon are hers too. The crescent moon on her forehead stands exactly for that, and only insiders still think of her birth name, when they see it. "I have moved on from 'Christina', but the crescent moon at least still lets you see the Capital C."


aus Mondsee | *2021


Hörlgasse 8/38
1090 Wien