Skin Sofa

Drei Musiker aus Norwegen und Österreich spielen melodische Punksongs.
Off & On
September 2014, Picky Picky Productions

Skin Sofa über sich

Skin Sofa’s background is a story of online dating and hate. But first things first: many years ago, Tom, the leader of the band, moved from Bodø, Norway, to the south and ended up in Oslo. On a typical normal day, with rain in the evening, the not so typical raindrops told him gently: “You” – “Supposed” – “Write” – “Pop” – “Rock” – “Melodic” – “Kind of punk” – “With strange lyrics”. There were so many raindrops, each and every one of them with its own message. A calling from above?? Or just a dream??

One cold day in 2009, Tom found a drummer on the Internet. Michael was his name, and still is. Tom and Michael hated each other from the first minute – “things were really, really great when we played, and sometimes that got me fooled into thinking that he actually is a nice guy, but clearly he’s not. He’s just a strange dude from Austria”, says Tom. Again on the Internet, the two found Tor Ivar, a fabulous bass player with no social skills whatsoever (according to the others). When asked why he joined, Tor Ivar said “these guys play really well, and that’s all that matters to me. As friends, you know, we just never clicked. And Tom is a bit… well, you know, he talks to the rain”.

Anyway. The goal of Skin Sofa is to get people dancing; they want fun and don’t care that we hate each other. Our mission has been going on for 5 years now, and has included highlights such as the legendary Elm Street Rock Café and Hard Rock Café in our hometown Oslo and gigs in Austria in the summers of 2012, 2013 and 2014. Also, we have released two EPs – The Picky Chicken Demo (2011) and Isn’t it time? (2012) and most recently the single Off & On (2014), which you’ll be able to hear on Little Steven’s Underground Garage on 19 December 2014! The band is going strong, and getting stronger every day, but we have learned our lesson: you can find fabulous musicians on the Internet, but no friendly people. Please forget about online dating.


aus Oslo, Norwegen | *2009
Tom Fjæraa
Tor Ivar Nilsen
Michael Welzl