Sofie Mathiasen

Eine in Wien lebende Sängerin mit internationalem Lebenslauf stellt ihre Debüt-Single vor.
While the world is getting ready for the Barbie movie, 18yr old Sofie Mathiasen tells the story of ‚Sindy‘, Barbie’s lesser known competitor, which hit the market 1963, but despite several makeovers never was quite successful. ‚Sindy‘ is a song about being treated second best, no matter what you do. But first and foremost it is a young female artist’s statement: „I’m not your toy you can toos in the corner!“ This is the voice of generation as loud as it gets.

Sofie Mathiasen über sich

16-year-old American/Danish singer-songwriter Sofie Mathiasen was born in Austria, but grew up in Colombia and Brazil. Back in Austria, she is now attending Vienna International School – an art-affine institution that produced talents like Arrie Krista and others.

Sofie is inspired by artists like Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, Tate McRae, and Holly Humberstone, but also keen on pursuing her very own sound and vision.

Her debut single „Magnetic Love“ will be out on April 29th. She is currently working on her first EP, „Before We Say Goodbye“, which is to be expected in fall 2022.


aus Wien | *2021
Sofie Mathiasen