Moderne Soul-Musik macht diese Wiener Sängerin in Zusammenarbeit mit ihrem Produzenten Mez.
Fractal Spirits
Soia - Fractal Spirits ( Mez)
Album : H.I.O.P. 2017
Label: Record Breakin' (USA)

Soia über sich

Singer and lyricist Soia loves her producer Mez’ beats. The two Viennese musicians first collaborated for their 2011 single 'Obtaining', which received love from blogs such as Moovmnt and BamaLoveSoul, and was featured on radio shows and mixes all over the world. Soia and Mez released their first album 'Mood Swings' on Philadelphia-based label 'Record Breakin’' in 2013.

Melancholic and gentle, then demanding and powerful, Soia’s vocals oscillate between Soul and Electronic Hip Hop, dancing effortlessly over the Dilla-esque beats and beautiful harmonization of Mez. The biotechnologist’s lyrics are engagingly weird - All sorts of creatures, real and imagined, land on her operating table and under her microscope: bipolar porcupines, intangible tigers, fractal spirits, roaming deer...

The half Israeli Mez has been producing for over ten years and is possessed by the search for the perfect sound. The Jazz pianist has produced for US rapper Raashan Ahmad, and even Redman has visited the Viennese studio to pick beats.

With the last 'Soia' album carrying a more Neo Soul sound and feel, the new material is oriented more towards world music samples, and contains Ethiopian, Kurdish and Jazz sample flakes. The sophomore LP will definitely be more upbeat, with deeper bass and stronger vocals.

The album 'H.I.O.P.' (an abbreviation of 'Hidden in Obvious Places') was released on October 21, 2016 worldwide on the US label 'Record Breakin’'.

Additionally, an exclusive release in Japan and Taiwan was released by 'Sweet Soul Records' on October 19, 2016 with two bouncy bonus tracks. <3

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soia | 8.Feb.2017
New Album H.I.O.P. can be bought on VINYL and as CD directly at gigs or (in Europe) ordered from[all][0]=

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aus Wien | *2011
Soia (vocals/lyrics)
Mez (keys/synth/production)
Julian Berann (drums)
Florian Faltner (bass)

bosley | vor 2626 Tagen, 8 Stunden, 18 Minuten
Fractal spirits
Gefällt mir sehr gut. Erinnert mich ein wenig an Exile und j. Michell - your summer Song. beat und Gesang passen jedenfalls sehr gut zusammen.