Some Sprouts

Die Unverfrorenheit ungeschliffenen Slacker Rocks und die catchige Melancholie moderner Indiepop-Acts: Das ist der Boden, auf dem die fünf Some Sprouts gedeihen.
She Longs For You
2018, 1. Single der IMMT EP

Some Sprouts über sich

∆ maybe we don't live the pop dream
but we are living the dream pop ∆

The impudence of blunt Slacker Rock and the catchy melancholy of a modern Indie Pop act: this is the breeding ground, on which "Some Sprouts" are prospering. With Joshua's striking voice being the indispensable water and vintage synth sounds providing the essential nutrients, there are no limits set to the blooming of Some Sprouts.

Hence, they are touring Germany with their debut EP "Florescer" while creating a stir even across the borders: The US Indie Scene already became aware of the five mates from Regensburg. This caused Some Sprouts to add shows as Germany Support for bands, such as We Are Scientists or Albert Hammond Jr (The Strokes), to the tour.

On the 19th of October, Some Sprouts will release their second EP „IMMT“.

Neueste Nachricht von Some Sprouts:

somesprouts | 10.Sep.2017
∆∆∆∆∆∆ FLORESCER EP ∆∆∆∆∆∆
Hola! Am 27. Oktober werden wir unsere erste EP mit dem Namen "FLORESCER" veröffentlichen!!
Bis dahin kommt auf YouTube und hier, bei FM4 Soundpark, nach und nach ein neuer Song raus.


aus Regensburg | *2015
Joshua Benker
David Gebhard
Jakob Riepl
Alex Kalus
Miguel Esteves


Gutenbergstr. 2, 93051 Regensburg