Hey! You! I’m happy you made it this far! Welcome to my world of sounds!
Shadow Creatures
Album: Identity (2020)

SoundMedicine über sich

Hey! You!
I’m happy you made it this far!
Welcome to my world of sounds!

I‘m an artist and I use different forms to express myself and what I want to say.
Mostly in the form of music, soundwaves and frequencies.

I believe, everyone should use music as a tool of some sorts to master the art of living a great life.

My grandma started to sing and rhyme with me when I was two years old and it became a big part of my life until today. So thank you grandma!

When I was ten years old I started playing the clarinet until I turned thirteen when I bought myself my first keyboard.
That’s where it all started. I started to play covers of my favorite songs until I started doing my first own songs and compositions.
In the following years I taught myself a lot about music theory and drew inspiration from all different sorts of styles in the music industry.
After many years went by I started teaching myself how to write lyrics, melodies and song structures. I started to produce my own music the way I wanted it to sound.
As time went by I became more and more familiar with the whole process and what goes behind it.

Until the day I finally managed to overcome my Anxiety and Panic Disorder with the help and patience of all my friends and family.
That‘s when I decided to share my world, with the rest of humanity.

If you‘ve made it this far, thank you and welcome to my world where i‘ll introduce you to different thoughts and points of views.
Sounds and frequencies of all sorts.
Trying to capture an emotion directly from my mind.

Don’t think about and dive right in!
Let a little magic happen and maybe it will even help you face some problems on your own.
Discover new ideas and start your own Creative engine.

That‘s my main goal.

Feel free to enjoy and spread the word!
Take care,
Love, M x


aus Hartberg, Steiermark | *2010