Eine Wiener Band kocht ihre eigene Suppe.
Little Prophet
Pogoherrausforderung, gehirngängezersetzender Ohrwurm & punk-ska-feger

Soupshop ├╝ber sich

Ein paar eigene Worte zum Name und der Musik dieser Band: "Once upon a time in a little village on the island of Crete, there was a small place, let's call it restaurant, where you could have a greasy goat soup at 4 o'clock in the morning to save you from a hangover. This place was called the Soupshop and inspired Dino to name the band, founded in 1996, after it. It would be hard to describe in a few words the many styles and sounds our music is made of. Punkrock, Melody-Core, Ska, Reggae or something entirely different, the mixture is always a Soupshop-Song." Vor 3 Jahren haben sie ein Album namens "Hate" veröffentlicht.


aus Wien | *1996
Dino Dinorian
Mini Ze Moocher
Ill Nino
Oga Satriani
Mani Windi
Uncle Jacques Christian