Stan Dart

Dieser Grazer Produzent hat ein entspanntes Album in Kollaboration mit einem britischen Musiker aufgenommen, hier gibt es zwei neue Hörproben daraus!
Magnetic Fields (Uranus)
Another track from my forthcoming double album "Tales From the Solar System".
This track describes the special nature of Mercury´s magnetic field ... more details in the booklet of the CD!
Releasedate: 04.09.2015

Stan Dart über sich

I write songs influenced by a certain mood or the wish to reflect events which happened to me. Sometimes a single picture can contain the idea of a complete song, sometimes a movie (or its music) influences me to write a track. Whatever it is, it´s always a request of my heart to tell a story.

I´ve grown up with the “New Age” music of the 80ies, with soundtracks by James Horner, Joel Goldsmith or Alan Silvestri. I´ve experienced the vivid pop music of that time as well as the great electronic music by Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Kitaro or Tomita. Jan Hammer´s exceptionally music for “Miami Vice” was the reason, why I started to compose electronic music.

Writing a song is like telling a story – and I hope you like my stories.

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standart | 16.Jul.2015
While working on my latest album, check out my radio show "STAN DART presents 60 Minutes Of Chill" on!

Monday at 9pm
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Also, every Thursday you can listen to the latest shows on
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aus Graz | *2009
only me


Stan Dart empfiehlt:

shenpensenge | vor 2735 Tagen, 13 Stunden, 38 Minuten
"Magnetic Fields"
geniales Werk, traumhaft schön! :)  
77bastian77 | vor 2749 Tagen, 3 Stunden, 51 Minuten
Magnetic Fields (Uranus)
Schöner Track mit tollen Sounds. Ist wirklich sehr 80er angelehnt. Aber ein ganz anderer zeitlos- anmutender Stil. Super. LG  
shenpensenge | vor 3339 Tagen, 14 Stunden, 54 Minuten
wunderschöne vibes!!!  
shenpensenge | vor 3596 Tagen, 9 Stunden, 39 Minuten
Sea Of Tranquility
...Musik zum träumen und abtauchen, wunderschön!!!  
shenpensenge | vor 3687 Tagen, 8 Stunden, 5 Minuten
"die Stadt die niemals schläft"
sehr gut gelungen!!!  
spheroid | vor 3839 Tagen, 23 Stunden, 57 Minuten
schöne sphärige klänge...ja das mag ich!!  
shenpensenge | vor 3863 Tagen, 17 Stunden, 29 Minuten
rainy sky
sehr smoother & chilliger soundpark-debut tune! daumen rauf!!!