Star Under Construction

Ein Wiener Produzent kombiniert elektronische Beats mit echten Instrumenten und Stimme.
Deep Tribal House

Star Under Construction über sich

Serving different genres like downbeat, hiphop, house, goa, newjazz, Star Under Construction is a one man band with guest musicians. Oliver Perner (born 29.01.1974) uses his small homerecording studio to fill the electronic base of his self composed and arranged songs with real instruments and vocals. His songs are played on different radiostations all over the world as well as on different TV Stations in Austria or Germany. He also did remixes for Ashley Slater (Mercedes Benz Mixed Tapes 2), Garish, Roots Manuva, Shingo Nakamura & Kazusa or Louie Austen. Inspired mostly by the electronic artists from his hometown vienna, like Kruder & Dorfmeister or dZihan & Kamien, he started his own career back in 2003.

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indi03 | 24.Dez.2013
2 new tracks available - buy on Beatport
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aus Wien | *2011
Oliver Perner

shenpensenge | vor 3561 Tagen, 13 Stunden, 24 Minuten
geile Sounds! Excellenter Song!
Daumen rauf!  
indi03 | vor 3559 Tagen, 18 Stunden, 11 Minuten
merci! :)  
shenpensenge | vor 3933 Tagen, 13 Stunden, 6 Minuten
lässig & Airplay-tauglich, Daumen rauf!!!  
indi03 | vor 3927 Tagen, 16 Stunden, 55 Minuten
thx :)  
firn | vor 4291 Tagen, 9 Stunden, 11 Minuten
Sehr gut produziert, big up!  
indi03 | vor 4291 Tagen, 9 Stunden, 1 Minute
merci :)  
shenpensenge | vor 4160 Tagen, 8 Stunden, 59 Minuten
finde ich auch! ..und sehr gefällig arrangiert!  
shenpensenge | vor 4291 Tagen, 12 Stunden, 53 Minuten
sehr sehr super! gefällt mir ausgesprochen gut!  
indi03 | vor 4291 Tagen, 9 Stunden
freut mich :)  
shenpensenge | vor 4535 Tagen, 13 Stunden, 35 Minuten
sehr feiner tune,
schiebt gut an!
big up!