Sub Ether Radio

Diese vier Musiker aus den USA, Irland, Schottland und Deutschland spielen seit fast 3 Jahren zusammen und präsentieren hier gleich 11 Songs.
Independent Pop

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Zitat: "In 2003, a member of the audience at a sub ether radio show asked if the band would perform at the annual Hard Rock Cafe Battle Of The Bands. Why not? Over a series of three heats, sub ether radio electrified the audience with their dynamic live show and unique, original sound. In each heat, the public voted sub ether radio the outright winners until the final. The climax of the competition was judged by music industry representatives (Virgin Records and Bayern 3). A triumphant sub ether radio walked away with the first prize, beating off some serious opposition, including full-time professional bands. The judges decision: 'All of the participating bands had high scores in different categories (Voice, Technique, Songwriting, Arrangement, Stageshow). We choose sub ether radio as the winner because they managed to get top marks in all categories.'"

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cssh | 3.Feb.2005
sub ether radio was founded in Munich in May 2002 and played their first concert a scant three weeks later: Munich's 3rd Annual Chili Cookoff. They've come a long way since then. sub ether radio are, first and foremost, four close friends who share a burning passion for rock music. This is no artificially created band. Rather it is a tight-knit group of like-minded, hard-working musicians with a collective presence which is enhanced by the individuality of the members. Each originates from a different national and musical background. The blend of styles and musical experience offers a unique mix of influences, all stamped with the hallmark of sub ether radio. Remember ... no additives, no preservatives, no artificial sweetners ... life tastes better that way!

In late 2002 sub ether radio recorded a five track demo CD. The result had a great reception and whetted the appetite of listeners for more. As a result, the first full length album 'Fuchsia's Jewel' was recorded in 2004. It was a gruelling schedule to achieve 13 tracks in two weeks of recording, but the band attacked the project with an energy, efficiency and humour that's become synonymous with the name sub ether radio. The result speaks for itself.
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aus USA, Ireland, Scotland, Germany | *2002
Brandon Bichler: Vocals / Guitar
Anthony O'Connor: Guitar / Vocals
Billy Christie: Bass
Tim Kalbitzer: Drums


Anthony O'Coonor


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laurafetseder | vor 6054 Tagen, 9 Stunden, 25 Minuten
very nice indeed. u got a website? ever coming to vienna for a gig?  
timkalbitzer | vor 6054 Tagen, 2 Stunden, 44 Minuten
thanks! our website is as we already have some friends and fans in vienna we plan to gig there as well! which location would you pick?