Sunrise Pilot

Dieser Wiener Produzent macht Pop- und EDM-Songs.
He‘s an Angel feat_ Julia Ross (JS Bright Day Remix)
Remix is made by Justin Scharvona
Leona Lewis (Bleeding Love)
Katy Perry (I kissed a girl)
Celine Dione

Sunrise Pilot ├╝ber sich

Sunrise Pilot is an Artist, Songwriter and Producer of Pop and EDM Music from Austria.

In one posting, Sunrise Pilot describes his music "When I write music, I want to create something that makes people's life a little bit easier, make them smile, laugh, fly and dance!‘

With more than 2 million streams on Spotify, he has already built up a growing fanbase who are supporting him on distributing his message.

As music has no borders, Sunrise Pilot is flying over different music landscapes creating music for the world.


aus Wien | *2020
Sunrise Pilot