Surrounded by Bots

Ein Solo-Musiker aus Wien, der etwa auch Songs aus der Perspektive eines Virus schreibt.
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Surrounded by Bots ├╝ber sich

Surrounded by Bots (SBB) is a one-person band from Vienna, AT. Along with other topics, Surrounded by Bots is expressing thoughts/feelings about the existing pandemic artistically in the form of music (from the perspective of the fictional & viral character "Sergeant Cov"who takes a critical look at his new hosts).

Neueste Nachricht von Surrounded by Bots:

sergeantcov | 29.Sep.2021
...just a few songs from the newly released album "Virulence meets Idiocy".

Have fun and rock on!


aus Wien | *2021
sergeantcov | vor 565 Tagen, 18 Stunden, 58 Minuten