Eine musikalische Kollaboration zwischen Los Angeles und Wien mit der ersten Single aus ihrem Debütalbum.
Watchu Want
another song of our full length album

TAKES 2 2 TANGO über sich

are destined to win the following grammies:
(You can be part of this – don’t hesitate – contact us now)

Best Intro since Sgt. Peppers
Best Album ever made by a human being
Best Songtitle (for „F my Wife“) by a band without a „the“ in the Band-name
Best Dean Martin Cameo (since 1955)
Lowest Production Budget since WWII
Best use of cracked Plug-Ins, that real Artists cannot afford
Highest dose of barbiturates while recording vocals on „Fucked up n dumb“
Best Cover Artwork created with an iPhone
Most Potential by an Unknown Artist
Best Album by a group without a Drummer
Best Album without a clue as to why we should make an album in the first place
Best Song dedicated to an alcaholic beverage

TAKES 2 2 TANGO are Austin Settle and David Furrer
Austin (Los Angeles/CA) started playing the shakers for „Los Enfantes“ at the age of 2. Instead of doing homework he started playing the guitar at the age of 13, started recording songs and hoped to be Jimi Hendrix. While on tour in Austria with his band THE FOUR EVAS he met David and finally he could Tango all night long.
David (Vienna/A), the son of the worldfamous contemporary (classic) composer (Beat Furrer) earns money doing jingles for a worldknown energy drink and creating film scores, met Austin while touring in Austria with his band MILK+ (who are recording their 3rd Album produced by Ikey Owens (The Mars Volta) 2011).

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fnicallo | 29.Mär.2011
'cause you know what they say...

You cannot deny TAKES 2 2 TANGO!!
So just give in right away...

New Summer Hit " FALL GUY " is out on april 1st!!

Takes 2 2 Tango dares to say what nobody wants to even think about ("I'm the Fall Guy, you never...")


aus Los Angeles, Vienna | *2010
Austin Settle
David Furrer



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shenpensenge | vor 4368 Tagen, 42 Minuten
"fall guy" hat ohrwurmqualitäten!
finde den part ab 1:30 sehr lässig