Tales of Water

Eine Schwester und ein Bruder machen zusammen Musik.
Heal Me, Pt_1
May 2020

Tales of Water ├╝ber sich

Like waves inside the ocean, their hearts emerge into one.
A sister and her brother guiding each other through the depths of this life.
Mindful, reflective and with their eyes wide open, creating space for the unknown and unspoken.
Reaching for the dark only to release it into the light.
Unfolding their reality, one step at a time.
Melodic poetry and grounding beats, telling the tales of water.

Neueste Nachricht von Tales of Water:

talesofwater | 23.Jun.2020
The debut single “Heal me” is both floating ambience and poetry pop. Not only does the lyrics revolve around healing while feeling misunderstood, it also includes the silent “thank you” for a mother’s help. “Heal me” is coming out on 29th of May and will be part of the bands debut album which will be released by the end of 2020.


aus Wien, London | *2019
Lena Fink
Michael Fink