Team Monster

Eine Supergroup aus dem Münchner Zoo.
Want my love
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Zitat: "once upon a time there was a central zoo in downtown munich. there was this little tiger kid called terry. people liked him because he was different. every friday he used to stand up in his enclosure and perform the wildest songs from michael jackson to prince and lenny. he was unique, a performer at a glance! but he was very sad either since his only friends were his extensive record collection and the recorded footage from good old MTV, back in the days when they actually played music instead of reality and dating shows pierced with disagreeable ringtone ads. but one day the change came when academic and porn professional Sex Skeletto bought his ticket to the zoo. He saw Terry and knew from the start this little carnivore was different! so he talked to the zoo administration and arrived at an agreement to take terry out to the world of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll!!!! terry was terrified, but insisted on taking his baby friend and outstanding guitar virtuoso pistol panda, an immediate neighbor to the bawn, with him. sex skeletto not only emerged as fantastic bass player but also knew someone completing this gathering of high explosive musicians: The mexican pro wrestler Mysterio Macho Wrestler (he knew him from the shooting for "jenna loves kobe" back when kobe was parallely doing "very bad things" with cameron and christian...anyway). the supergroup was set!"

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teammonster | 14.Mai.2008
Hey we are a brand new band from munich, just recorded our first record and shot the first video for the song "Want my love". Check it out ya all!!


aus München | *2008
Terry Tiger
Pistol Panda
SX Skeletto
Mysterio Macho Wrestler

viennasound | vor 5668 Tagen, 4 Stunden, 51 Minuten
You dont want my love
Gute Stimme.