Tegel Boys

Hypnotische elektronische Klänge von vier Musikern aus Berlin.
Simple Cat (Freudenthal remix)
Simple Cat (Original Mix) is an all out statement of intent from this new constellation of Berlin veterans, Tegel Boys, a collective of rock ‘n’ roll disco dons, studio cats, and acid-rave aficionados delivering a distinct sound distilled from their deep and diverse connections as players and producer-collaborators in acoustic and electronic adventures past. (Hazy Pockets, FJAAK, Hauschka, White Denim). Tegel Boys are dedicated proponents of live acid disco, 303-melt, electric guitar drive, dada-bongo bounce married to deep-digging dusty-sampledelics. This debut track is a sprawling march out into the apocalyptic desert, sprinkled with cult-cowboy samples, a knowing wink to epic dancefloor sunset rides past, a crisp swagger into the future. The eight-minute debut is equal parts razor-sharp, crisp electro mechanics, muscular bass pulse, sinewy electric guitar, subtle synths, and the live juggernaut drums from acclaimed muzo Alican Tezer (Insanlar with Baris K etc. and other Turkish psychedelic giants).

Remix duties fall to the unstoppable force that is Freudenthal, (Pardon Moi, Nein Records, Feinstoff) who ups the tempo and squeezes the whole production into a freshly-waxed corvette speeding over Miami causeways. This is peak-time electro gold, the cowboy swagger melting into superbly-arranged arpeggio drive, fist-pumping delight, frugal elements of the original track finessed into new aerodynamics as only Freudenthal can do.

Tegel Boys über sich

"This is your captain speaking..." An amalgamation of talent channelling NYC-Loft-Manchester-Hacienda-Southside-Philly-Berghain-Berlin-Konono-Kinshasa-Acid-Istanbul and every other boogie-scorched molecule of human hip-shake, the Tegel Boys...Joel, Jeremy, Alican, Modern disco body music, in-flight acid, airport blues boogie for tuned-in psychic traveler


aus Berlin | *2022
Jeremy Black
Joel Black (Hazy Pockets)
Alican Tezer
Antonio Rilling