Pascal, Severin, Andreas und Phil kommen aus Österreich, Ungarn und der Schweiz: Gelandet sind sie nun in Londom, um gemeinsam Msuik zu schaffen.

templethief über sich

Zitat:""temple thief"

if you know what you want to do, you just got to do it. you're at home wherever the next step leads you to.
we're in london now. born and raised in places like hungary, austria and the remote swiss alps. desire for truth makes people come together and stay together.

in bristol we got the first taste of a life through music, done recordings for local label (sugarshack) and played over 300 gigs all over uk even if no-one was there. EVERY GIG IS IMPORTANT! the music was created in our house in easton/bristol. four bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom, practicing room, backyard to park our ford transit, a ladder to the roof and the neighbour's cat watching over us. we played with bands like the makers, chikinki, the new rhodes, the dawn parade. the greatest memories of that time are supporting the sold out stranglers show at the shepherd's bush empire in london, ashton court festival in bristol (twice), the gig at the eurosonic festival in groningen NL and sveral gigs in nameless pubs in the area of bistol where we had to destroy the sound system because the sound guy wouldn't mix us well enough. that's one of the reasons why we had to change our bandname. the other reason was that we didn't have enough money to pay the council tax bill. at some point we had a swiss tv team doing a documentary about us. the second part of it is under construction.

nevertheless three years after our first english breakfast our van died and we moved apart. what followed was mine work in central europe, bar work in shoreditch, building site work for rammstein in berlin, no work, a pilgrimage through spain, musical evolution, books, smokeless love........ everyone's got to follow their own stars.

two years passed and we're back. wiser, better, closer to what we're here for. we're "temple thief". at home in east london. inspired by the huge input this crazy city brings along. i think it's easy for a monk to find peace in a monestry far away from all harm, do it here and you'll find peace anywhere. we don't live together anymore but we still got the ladder to the roof. my bedroom is our practicing room. never had before the possibility to watch the sky while we're practicing. our demos were recorded in that room or in the studio we built together with our friends from the "liricas analas" crew in our home town. we produce a big sound through hypnotic and rough rythms, destorted guitars, harmonies for weird films, lots of cracks that magnify our honesty behind it and at the centre is the song, the magic, the feel. always evolving, moving, changing to other forms.

pascal maria gamboni (london 26.5.2006) "


aus A, CH | *2004



344whatsup | vor 5902 Tagen, 9 Stunden, 15 Minuten
re:: fm4 hoerer
hi viennasound,
nur kurz, hab ewig gebruacht zum wieder einen neuen account fuer die community zu machen, aber immerhin geschafft,.... tja hast schon recht dass dieser song ' the truth is now ' a bisserl anders is als die anderen songs die du momentan auf der myspace/templethief site anhoeren kannst, aber immerhin eine band die schon so 7 jahre zusammen musiziert hat halt schon so einige verschiedene musikrichtungen aufgeschnappt und,, und und,...anyway wir machen halt musik die spass macht egal was fuer eine richtung. kannst gerne noch andere sachen von templethief anhoeren und runterladen von www.templethief.com gratis und sehr viel verschiedenes zeugs.
als dann,...just enjoy the sound!!
viennasound | vor 5910 Tagen, 23 Stunden, 17 Minuten
the truth is
daß die Songs auf der HP poppiger sind und völlig anders klingen. Wollen Temple Thief dem FM4-Publikum Grundgekost hinwerfen, während für Formatradiosender die Popschiene gefahren wird? Wenns so ist, wie schätzen sie denn FM4-Hörer ein?