Eine Indierockgruppe von knapp über der Grenze mit drei Songs von ihrem neuen Album.
Neon Flow
Veröffentlichungsjahr 2011, aus dem EP "Looks On Fire".


Teskohippies are an indie rock band from Piestany/Vrbove, Slovakia formed in 2007. The band currently consists of Alexander Antoska (bass), Renat Khallo (vocals and guitar), Bohus Michalko (vocals and guitar) and Lukas Snoha (drums). Their sound labeled as a melodic mixture of pop, punk and alternative has been influenced by bands like Raveonettes, Nirvana, The Strokes, B.R.M.C. and The Libertines.

The band's name Teskohippies as a combination of a supermarket chain and the 60s youth movement describes the lost of ideals of alternative culture in the postmodern world and mocks its own subculture. It expresses the time in which nobody takes you seriously enough in order to change anything.

Their first record was an EP called „I lie Q“ (2007) including eight songs somewhere between punk and dance rock music. The band's first song ever to be played on a radio station was „All that I´m Scared Of“, which scored among the top three of the International Parade on Italian web radio „StepByStep“ for several months.

The band released their debut album caled „Trying To Make You Stay“ in January 2011. The first single „Billionaire's Trade Center“ has been played on Slovakia's (only) alternative radio station Radio_FM. It has later been followed by two other singles from the same album called „Do You Remember“ and „Jack & Coke“.

The EP „Looks On Fire“, band's most recent record released in December 2011 brought a slight change of style towards a cleaner guitar sound, catchy vocals and rhythmics and also an improvement in the sound quality. The first single „You´re Not So Dead“ from the EP can be heard on Slovak Radio_FM as well as on French „Declic Radio“.


aus Piestany/Vrbove, SK | *2007
Alexander Antoska
Bohus Michalko
Renat Khallo
Lukas Snoha


4x RedCords, Stefanikova 8, SK-922 03, Slovakia.