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Zitat: "Did you ever shake your tailfeather to the sound of Rock’n-Roll!? Well, here’s your chance: THE ATTENTION! -five lads, armed with their love for Rhythm&Blues, fuse their infectious beats, catchy riffs and haunting melodies into an explosive, one-of-a-kind mix, that makes you wanna shout and shimmy! "

These five hipsters learned their lessons in bluesy
licks, soulful shouts and pumping rhythms frighteningly well. Formed after the break-up of the infamous King Tiger, they are rough and ready! So watch out for the heatwave that is called THE ATTENTION! rolling over your town. Make sure to put on your finest pair of dancing shoes and celebrate!


aus Wien | *2008
Mario David - Vocal Pierre Légere - Guitar Gerald DeeDee - Bass Martin Tomez - Drum Georg Ondrak - Guitar