The Crispies

Grunge, Punk und Psychedelic kommen in den Songs von diesen vier Musikern aus Wien zusammen.
VÖ: October 13, 2017
produced by mario fartacek and tino romana
recording and mastering by alexander lausch,
music and lyrics by tino romana and chris woelf

The Crispies ├╝ber sich

Formed in 2015, Viennese band THE CRISPIES write songs of desperation about the struggles of everyday life. They pour youthful energy into catchy pop melodies, woven together with rock, hip hop, and trap instrumentals. The Crispies debut album "Death Row Kids”, featuring the single "Bad Blood," was released on SEAYOU RECORDS in 2016, making the band one of the most promising newcomers in Austria in 2016.

The band is now looking to take their music to the world stage. New singles "Easy "and" Lost my Phone“ were released in Autumn 2017, setting up their much anticipated follow-up album, "Fake Leather”, set to be released in Spring 2018.

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thecrispies | 18.Feb.2017
nominated for the radio FM4 award
thx so much Amadeus Austrian Music Awards and all of u guys
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aus Vienna | *2015
Tino Romana
Chris Woelf
Parsa Sarraf
Peter Ferdinand



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