Sechs Musiker aus Wr. Neustadt wollen ihre Hörer in ihre Welt der rauen und psychedelischen Musik entführen.
Sissa Malady
shame on the boy!

thee über sich

Zitat: "They are orbiting around the area of V NO TOWN, as t h e e are calling their home base. It is a self-styled city best known for its thickness of narrow-minded squares, which makes t h e e eager to substitute this place for every spotlight in this world.

Sprung from this idea, not willing to be a part of the scene, they are planning their great escape. With a symbiosis of poetry and animalistic music they claim to have created a surrounding on their own.

The sound of t h e e is simple, raw, psychedelic, but idiosyncratic. This temper is abducting their audience to a trip filled with electrifying drama and sweeping noise.

Everything about t h e e is quite simple to understand, from their music to their ambition, just like their own leitmotif:

love t h e e hate t h e e"

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lovetheehatethee | 4.Mai.2010
the biography of .::THEE::. is very short, but could be unnecessarily drawn in an extended version:

two numbed guys (dadaesque and doc waggy), both of them obviously knew each other from a former times, met, coincidentally, and decided to make music.
both of them are sick and tired of the monotonous offer of music in their hometown.
after a nearly dramatic search for adapted musicians for .::THEE::. a third man is found to play guitar (von schallhaller) and a fourth as a bassist (moses thoughtsgrave), the fith a keyboarder (thomas schuetz) and the sixth man as the drummer (jay kovski).
.::THEE::. is something electronical, something with an exaggerated hint of theatrical drama, poetry and good old fashioned rock music.
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aus V No Town | *1999
Dadaesque - voc.
Vonschallhalla - guit.
Docwaggy - 2nd guit
Moses Thoughtsgrave - bass
Thomas Schütz - synth./piano
Jay Kovski - drums

mastermind68 | vor 6138 Tagen, 11 Stunden, 15 Minuten
gratwanderung zwischen "pfui!" und "schööön"..... ich mag gratwanderungen.......  
aufmschlauch | vor 6140 Tagen, 3 Stunden, 56 Minuten
so was änhliches