The Moles

Ein australischer Sänger und seine Band spielen in Wien "Explosive Rock'n'Roll".
The End Of The Line

The Moles über sich

The Moles play what can only be described as Explosive Rock & Roll. In 2013 a fusion of unlikely proportions occurred when an Australian vocalist armed with a backpack found himself joining forces with a talented band in a sleepy Austrian town. With the new found energy a new style of songs quickly flowed into the practice room, gigs started to be played and people started to take notice. After receiving critical acclaim from Austrian National band comp "Local Heroes" it was decided that material should be put into a recording studio ASAP - with this task they did well to team up with producer Maciek Dabek from WUK studios ( to produce their free release 6 track EP "To the Free & To the Damned" (can be found on The Moles Facebook page) which was recorded using minimal effects to give an accurate sound you can expect to hear live........ This is where the fun begins..... with over 70 years of musical experience between it's 4 members, huge excitement levels and a no holding back attitude on stage you can be guaranteed an epic time at a Moles gig, whether you want to sit back and tap your feet.... Or dance in the crowd with the frontman - it's all on offer. Enjoy the tunes - see you at a show to share the power!


aus Wien | *2013