The Shady Lanes

Drei Musiker aus Graz und Santiago de Chile bringen in ihren Songs Rock, Blues und Country zusammen.
Written by singer Ratrock Tot Sint Jans while sleeping on his daytime job as a railroad breakman, it is one of the signature songs of The Shady Lanes. Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones said: “This song is something me and Mick could never had done, something we would never even try. To be honest i don’t really ever heard this song and i don’t really fuckin like it”. But everyone else did, and so it was a big hit on radio stations all over the southeast of our beautiful country.

Das anhaltende Gerücht, dieser Titel wäre in Gedenken an die noch nicht verstorbene Fernseh-Ansagerin Caroline Reiber, bekannt aus vielen unvergessenen Volksmusik-Sendungen, entstanden, wird von The Shady Lanes entschieden zurückgewiesen. Auch sollte der vielschichtige und von Platon und Thomas Bernhard inspirierte Text keineswegs eine Huldigung dieser Prinzessin Caroline von Monaco sein, sondern ein Lobgesang auf den legendären Piratensender Radio Caroline

The Shady Lanes ├╝ber sich

Zitat: "The Shady Lanes mainly consist of 3 guys who just love racoons and auto scooters.
The Bass-Man Reno is in the music biz for ages, starting at 9 in a band with Mur-Valleys greatest prog-rock musician, Leslie O'Brian, who showed Reno every single note and haircut he is using.
Drummer Flek Murray's life has changed completely, when he almost met Burt Reynolds in a restaurant down his street. He was so shocked that he just bought himself a mustache and walked in a rehearsal of the band and told them he will be the drummer for now on.
„Yes You Are!" said Ratrock Tot Sint Jans, who's holding his Casio DG-1 guitar he once won from his old band, which was – believe it or not – Ostblock, memorized by everyone who ever heard them as the most disgraceful banjo-fiddlers ever. From the first time they played together at the 2nd annual Bud Spencer lookalike brawl on March 11th 2009, they knew what they wanted to do: watching italo-westerns all day long. But they liked their music too and after 46 annoying phone calls a local Radio DJ gave them the name The Shady Lanes."

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reno | 23.Jul.2008
dear lovers and geeks,

summer has hit the town, and we ask our selfes, why we always choose the coldest time in the year to get into the studio for recording. Yeah, you can trust your eyes: The Shady Lanes, the maybe best rock/country/trash/blues/circus band in the galaxy is currently recording new tunes. Its fucking hot in our "studio" and it smells like the ass of a donkey. But we hang out there everyday and now we too smell like flowers.
Five songs are taped so far: Easy Way, a new classic tune about foreign girlfriends and an easy way of life in general. You need a helping hand, which is an amalgam of five or two songs stolen from other bands, and Undo the Right, a classic country tune co-written by Willie Nelson, now 77 years old and known for his semi-professional ganja smoking. And last but not to be the least, Caroline and Quimby the Mouse, two songs about the urge to buy a comic book and Carolines.
We don't know yet which of these songs will eventually appear on soundpark, and when, but its planned to release them in the next couple of months and bring a new album around Christmas (it's on the 24th this year, i guess). We keep on recording the whole week and then leave the city for our deserved holidays. That and the situation with Renos face are the reasons why there are no concerts planned in the near future. As soon as some promoter pays the 7000 Euros we want to have per concert, we will hit the stage again.

We wish you a merry summer and happy italian speed boat accident

The Shady Lanes
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aus Graz, Santiago de Chile | *2007
Ratrock Tot Sint Jans
Flek Murray