the Stylelab

Zwei House-Enthusiasten sind nach Ibiza gezogen um von dort aus mit ihren funkig bis entspannt angelegten Elektronik-Tracks die Partygemeinschaft zu erfreuen.
Ibiza Coolstyle
Hardy am Megaphon, Miko von "Prince" am Bass und der Adomizer an den Keys -live!

the Stylelab über sich

Zitat: "It was the year 2000 when Loop- and Labmaster Hardy S.P. and Drummer Christoff H. worked on a musical theatre Project in a remote Bavarian Village close to the Austrian Border (Eggenfelden). As there weren't a lot of Options they would spend their time in the hotel drinking and listening to famous progressive Station FM4 from Vienna or partying and dancing at the two or three electronic Music Venues in the area. Being Musicians and Party animals at the same time, they soon felt the urge to combine the Club music and Drum'n Bass styles they were digging so much with the vital and raw energy of life music performances. Once the idea was there it wasn't long until mutual friend and composer/performer Adomizer from New York and double bass wizard Marco hooked up for the initial Explosion in the - then yet untitled -StyleLab: After only 3 days of rehearsal an exciting first concert at the 'alte Mälzerei' venue traced the way for the recording sessions a few months later. Opposed to traditional Band Concepts, the music was mainly improvised and therefore allowed the members to work and travel independently while keeping the vibe and the contact mainly through the Internet.

A period of heavy travelling followed: The Adomizer was caught in the Triangle of Madrid- Berlin - New York while Hardy S.P. did Production work in Ibiza - Athens and Regensburg. Only the groove Twins Christoff and Marco maintained their steady gigs routine around the Nürnberg Jazz Scene.

When Hardy S.P. decided in 2003 to relocate the StyleLab Headquarter to Ibiza, the Balearic Section opened its doors and more talent got on board: Former Prince and Sheila E. Guitarist Miko Weezer would bring as much of his vast experience and fine playing into the Project as young Drummer Nikola Vukotic positive energy and ambition. And again, the link to the modern electronic dance music and Party Scene became obvious: The three 'SuperdudeZ' initially met on the Percussion Stage of the 'Amnesia' Discothek Terrace playing Saturdays with local House DJ Legends Pippi and Caesar Melero. And: while Miko had helped Roger Linn to develop his first drum machines in the 70s (which led to the Akai MPC Series and became indispensable for electronic music) Nikola had just finished an Album with own electronic beats before his arrival in Ibiza from Belgrade. To close the circle and set a bookmark for the things to come, the first Album 'Ibiza Coolstyle' was edited and mixed from the life sessions on the peaceful grounds of the StyleLab in the Morna Valley/Ibiza in the winter 2003/2004."

Neueste Nachricht von the Stylelab:

donlimp | 3.Jän.2006
The Stylelab is
-A vibrating Live -Electronic music act!
-The creative sound-venture of six music
professionals exploring musical
communication beyond stereotypes!!
-Improvised music using state of the Art tech
and multitude of Styles for maximum
performance and listening Fun!
-Great Dance music after all....!!!

Is not:
-A bunch of Jazzschool students boring the
audience with experimental noise!
-Musically analphabetic drug-kids playing with
the latest beepbox crap!
-a camouflaged studio project acting to
pre-Sequenced Playbacks!

Opposed to traditional Band Concepts the Stylelab project is based on the mastery and free use of a multitude of musical styles (including Progressive Jazz, Latin Pop, Drum ’n’ Bass, Heavy Metal and serious House Grooves) performed with a classic Rock ’n’ Roll attitude.
The Stylelab’s Live performances include fire jugglers, Party People and attractive dancers to recreate a classic mediterranean Style ceremony.


aus Ibiza | *1999
Hardy S. Party - Miko Weezer - Nikola Vukotic

viennasound | vor 6471 Tagen, 16 Stunden, 12 Minuten
Ibiza Coolstyle
Selbstbeschreibung paßt perfekt. Groovy Dance-Mainstream mit schön gespielten Keyboards und locker eingestrudelten Brass. Da kommt Stimmung auf, selbst mit ipod-Stöpsel am Ohr. Dürfte live eingespielt sein?
Gruss aus Wien
donlimp | vor 6466 Tagen, 21 Stunden, 20 Minuten
Hallo viennasound,

haste recht, alle in einem Zimmer und dann auf Record...Grüsse von der Insel an einem traumhaften Ibizamorgen!


P.S: wenn Du House magst check mal "Upper 7"  
viennasound | vor 6464 Tagen, 17 Stunden, 8 Minuten
mich frißt der Neid, werd mir deinen Song nochmal reinknallen .....  
timowarken | vor 6472 Tagen, 14 Stunden, 39 Minuten
Nette Komponenten, schmuuver funky groove...
Gruß subkontext