Thom Revolver

Diese fünf Musiker aus Amsterdam kombinieren rockige Gitarren und elektronische Beats.
One of the Boys
This is the title track of our EP which was released little time ago.

Thom Revolver über sich

Zitat: "The first traces of TR can be found in the late 90's, when Thomas van Aalten starts to write songs on a crummy 4-track recorder. In these days he uses the rhythm box from a Panda 49 organ and a shitty fuzz guitar. His friend Tarik produces the songs. Nothing special happens with these songs, until the year 2001 when TR is asked for a radioshow from the Dutch VPRO Radio, called Club Lek. DJ / Host Edwin Brienen is impressed by the trashy glampunk song 'Tuborg Slaves'.

Thom Revolver hits the road and several live shows follow, including a performance on Pukkelpop (Belgium) and a stunning show at Paradiso. Thomas (vocals, synths and drummachines) is assisted by Bastiaan Bosma on bass, Tarik Barri on guitar and Harm Hopman on synths and organ. 'Tuborg Slaves' becomes an underground hit in the Amsterdam pop trash scene; then Thomas and Bastiaan decide to change musical direction and become less 'electronic trashpunk' but more 'electronic glampop'.

So, in the year 2002 former bandmembers Tarik and Harm leave the band. The twins Gerhard (bass) and Ronnie (guitars) van Nieuwenhoven get involved with the new line-up, which brings Bastiaan on drums. A few months and rehearsals later, German designer André Pahl becomes the new man for the synthesizers, after an enthusiastic meet-up at a concert of The Faint.

And all of a sudden it seems that this new line-up brings Thom Revolver to its best state; live shows are hysterical, theatrical, dramatical, but never camp or corny, even when they use flashy gogo-dancers and a transsexual new romantic slave onstage. The EP 'One of The Boys' came out at the Rock Bottom label in February 2004. When you've seen TR live or heard one of their massive pop songs, you'll get infected by the grotesque pop virus.

To prevent uncertain situations: frontman Thomas IS NOT Thom Revolver. The whole band, the group of strange souls and hopeless freaks, is Thom Revolver."

Neueste Nachricht von Thom Revolver:

thomrevolver | 24.Jun.2004

Be invited to listen to the title track of our 'One of the boys' EP which came out a while ago. For more info/videos/mp3 check our site or, our mexican sugar-daddies.



aus Amsterdam | *2003
Thomas van Aalten
André Pahl
Detlef Tividor Villerius
Gerhard van Nieuwenhoven
Ronnie van Nieuwenhoven



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