tiger tales

Diese sechsköpfige Band aus Wien hat sich dem 60er Soul und Deep Funk verschrieben und feiert demnächst die Veröffentlichung einer Remix EP mit u.a. Urbs und DJ Beware.
Feels Good But It's Not Snippet
Die A Seite der ersten tiger tales Single, die auch auf Vinyl erschienen ist, ebenso wie der aktuelle Remix von DJ URBS [g-stone]. Es geht um den täglichen Selbstbeschiß

tiger tales über sich

Zitat: "Lambs, watch out: here comes a bunch of wildcats fronted by the frenetic singer 'Cleo Panther' roaring about the fatality of surviving, the dilemma of scratching an itch and the inevitableness to have some real meat for lunch.

Their name is 'tiger tales' and they are representing a rather unusual approach: Austria's vision of cluboriented old school soul/deep funk, refined with contemporary harmonic and rhythmic elements. What sets them apart from other international 'retro' acts such as Quantic Soul Orchestra, Bamboos, Nicole Willis, Sharon Jones, Sweet Vandals etc. is that taking the 60ies soul sound and aesthetics they go beyond this musical genre to create a timeless highly energetic but elegant dance music that is both pop song oriented and progressive at the same time.

There are several indications showing the band’s sharp teeth, first of all the live history: within the first 1 ½ years of its existence they already performed at a lot of vienna's top locations such as Porgy & Bess, Birdland, Rote Bar Volkstheater or Salon Leopold.

Then, their media response: their first single "Feels Good But It's Not" – also produced as a vinyl 7" - already has aroused some serious attention since its release on Sat 1st November. From exclusive reviews in the national TV news 'Zeit Im Bild', the ORF 'a.viso' and private TV stations like Puls TV, to national radio stations, its musical quality meets a lot of appreciators.

What is to be expected next? Currently the release of their big RMX package, featuring artists such as DJ Urbs [g-stone], DJ Beware [Man Rec.], Tim Turbo [Man Rec.], Tipanic, Dandario and artElect. This release features a very diverse stylistic spectrum from mid tempo big beat to electro and even avant hip hop club grooves. The already available vinyl single contains the URBS remix of 'Feels Good But It's Not' and a remix of the B side 'Backstabber' by artElect.

All efforts now are put into the production of their much awaited first album release that is bound to surprise a lot of DJs and dancers with its fresh stilistic variety of compositions: to begin with the grooves, a lot of them will be featured. Early R&B, Boogaloo, Southern Soul, Northern Soul, Motown combined with modern funk breaks and wicked groove arrangements. Therefore their album resembles a DJ set spanning across all the mentioned styles, yet always mantaining a coherence and sonic identity.

But what the 'tiger tales' brand is really about are the songs: unconventional and ironic lyrics meet catchy hooks and melodies that are revealing the band's true airplay potential. From the tragic stories of Adam Salad and Eve Leaf, or who really put Superman to flight, the Austrian version of the 'Cowardly Lion' from the Wizard Of Oz, to the narration of the family that is found on everyone’s foot (The Toes), this is high energy dance music dressed in the classiest clothes for the feline listener of today!"


aus Wien | *2008
Cleo Panther - voc
kakadu - guit
Martin "KC" Kessler - keys
Florian Richling - dr
Tom Müller - Sax
Navid Djawadi - Bad Bad Bass



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richtig, richtig, richtig gut!!!!!