Eine dreiköpfige Band mit Wohnsitzen im Allgäu und in New York.

Tomolantic über sich

New York City and the Alpine foothills. What could be more different yet that’s where Tomolantic’s members Murphy, Ted and Cosmo live. Their songs reflect these places: urban yet hinting at wide open spaces; energetic while also laid back; gritty and playful. The three have known each other since college, played in several bands together, moved away (Guitar player Ted and keyboarder and singer Murphy stayed in Bavaria while drummer Cosmo moved to NYC), and finally formed Tomolantic in 2016 bridging the Atlantic several times a year. The lyrics by Cosmo often deal with the challenges of this lifestyle: the perils of long distance relationships; friendship; adventures on the road; keeping commitments... Ted’s guitar sound and ideas for the arrangements of the songs are visionary while Murphy’s musical genius on the keyboard and vocals complete the unique style of Tomolantic.


aus NYC/Allgäu | *2016
Murphy Gerard
Cosmo Moses
Ted Tower


T. Dippold
Bisseroy 1
D 87466 Oy-Mittelberg