Fünfköpfige Band aus Lustenau mit ihrer eigenen Definition von Pop-Musik.
Ain`t you
Words: Bernd Hepberger
Music: Bernd Hepberger

1st Verse
You walked your way stright ahead
Did everything that people said
You never started thinking for yourself or even cared
You never cared

You dress like them you talk like them
You always had to act liked them
And the mirrow on the wall does not reflect the on you are
Is it true...

1st Ref.
But tell me is this what you always wanted for life
Did your dream come true?

Is the one that you created realy able to be true
Cause every day of your damn life you`ll yourself this question, yes you know you`ll do

And the answer you prepared to give will be a lie as well
A lie to you

2nd Verse
Your tv runs from day to night
Sometimes you it's in the blue light
And think about a way of getting out your lonlyness
And your shame

Your broken home has fallen apart
And nothings here to heal your heart
So you even stopped think about a time with better days
There won`t be...

2nd Ref.
But tell is your head too small to think about an end
Can`t you even try?

Is the one that you created just too numb to be undone
Cause every day of my damn life I`ll fight against it, yes you know that I will do

And the answer to my qestions is still prepared to be lie
A lie to me

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aus Vorarlberg | *2000
Patrizia Helbok
Bernd Hepberger
Bernhard Belej
Dietmar Bernhart
Eric Lechner


c/o Kate Dobler
Moosmahdstr. 30
6850 Dornbirn