Trippin in London

Drei Musiker aus Salzburg bringen uns mit grob als "Postpunk Indie-Rock-Pop" einordenbaren Songs ihr Feuer.

Trippin in London über sich

Well there goes a fire…brought to life by Trippin in London, a band operating from Salzburg, Austria. The trio has been active since 2009 and consists of Markus Rieder (Vocals / Guitar), Fabio Seidl (Bass / Vocals) and Sebastian Rinnerthaler (Drums).

„Postpunk indie-rock-pop“ is only one of many ways to describe their music. Though to be honest, trying to label and put them into a box is meaningless – because their music will take your mind out of the box like never experienced before.

Changing between fast-paced and fresh songs like `From A to B‘, ‘The Controller‘ and the catchy, yet innovative ‘Adore‘, these three show that there’s nothing outside of their musical capability and that they’re prepared to supply a new generation with the kind of music and lyrics that were long overdue.

The summer of 2009 marked the beginning of Trippin in London and throughout the following year the three guys worked hard on recording their first songs in the Starship Studio, Vorarlberg, and the Latehour Studio, Salzburg. In July 2010 the trio recorded another three singles; no one less than the well known producer Oliver Pinelli took care of a decent production.

Although the main focus during the last year has been on studio recordings, the trio still didn’t
forget what brought them public attention in the first place: a powerful and convincing stage show. Everything – from the vocals to the rhythm oft he drums – is one hundred percent genuine and the guys know how to impress with their musical skills.

In September 2010, the trio shot and released their first music video for the song „Adore“. Broadcast on Austrian Music TV-Channel "GoTV", Trippin in London got the attention they needed!

Entering another intense period of composing and practicing, Trippin in London leaves us with the promise of something big to come and the will to fuel the fire.

Neueste Nachricht von Trippin in London:

trippininlondon | 27.Nov.2010
supporting "blood red shoes" was great!


aus Salzburg | *2009
Markus Rieder
Sebastian Rinnerthaler
Fabio Seidl



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