United Movement

Harte Sounds auf den Spuren von Bands wie Black Flag, Loudspeaker, Refused und der AC/DC-Rhythmussektion von 2 Musikern und einem Nichtmusiker.

United Movement über sich

Zitat:"UM was founded in March 2003 and tries to play hard as rock, which is orientated on bands like Black Flag, Loudspeaker, Refused and as well the great rythm section of AC/DC. The lyrics are made for the UM followers, because there is need to educate them in a way D.A.F. once did. UM say: 'as a condition to become a UM follower, you have to get in touch with the performance'. Anyway, they try to play loud music, based on their hearts and souls: 'It's only rock'n'roll". In April 2003 UM started the "sonic heart & head tour', which was introduced to bring the songs and ideas into the minds of their fans. United Movement consists of two musicians, one non-musician and the followers. UM say: 'who will survive and what will be left of them?'"

Neueste Nachricht von United Movement:

schwarzenbach | 3.Okt.2004
Dear Followers,
The creation of the 4 songs that will appear in September on the EP "Introduing The Exploration" (put out by Noiseappeal Records) has been completed.

get it through the band, noise appeal or substance record store....

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aus | *2003
musician>soul (dr.)
musician>body (guit.)


bloodshed | vor 6618 Tagen, 9 Stunden, 27 Minuten
um rocken!
sowieso rockts ihr. find ich sehr super!! bis bald wieder mal!
maybe link-exchange? fm4.orf.at/soundpark/c/cyruss
schen gruaß!  
aspirincbrausetablette | vor 7262 Tagen, 16 Stunden, 20 Minuten
... möchte dem sänger und schlagzeuger ein kompliment aussprechen.  
schwarzenbach | vor 7297 Tagen, 11 Stunden, 28 Minuten
say thx  
spielmann | vor 7300 Tagen, 4 Stunden, 45 Minuten
schräge beschreibungen da, .. aber gefällige musik!  
spleenynr1 | vor 7300 Tagen, 5 Stunden