grooveremix inspiriert von rene rupnik und ulrich seidl

wabe über sich

Zitat: "for the past 10 years christoph richter and matthias lackenberger have been working together in various bands, since the beginning of 2000 all their attention has been focused on their electronic-groove-project "wabe", where they sweeten down tempo grooves with funky-, dub- and jazz-style influences. unlike most musicians of their genre neither of them djs. their aim is to integrate their musical expression into their songs. pulsating percussion grooves, epic guitar sounds, rounded sparkling synthesizer tunes, carefully interwoven e-pianos and impressive bass lines are merged together, supported by self-programmed samples. in true muscians' style, jam-sessions are the underlying source of every new idea. these are then perfected on the computer. in all productions, the main emphasis is on structure as well as integrating melodious and harmonious elements. wabe's style does not just aim to please the groove floor, also the stereo at home. watch out for their debut-tunes on fabrique out in early 2003."


aus st.pölten | *2000
matthias lackenberger
christoph richter



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