White Miles

Dieses gemischtes Doppel aus Tirol spielt laut eigenen Angaben "dirty pole dancer stoner blues rock".
Job: Genius, Diagnose: Madness
titletrack of the album "job: genius, diagnose:madness", release march 14

White Miles ├╝ber sich

White Miles is a dirty pole dance stoner blues rock duo. People say they are from Madagascar.
Medina (guitar/vocals) and Lofi (drums/vocals) met in 2005. They decided to crash the music scene back in 2011. After releasing 4 live-videos, they quit their dayjobs and live their dream.

They are famous for their crazy rehearsalroom parties with pole dancers, old black and white movies and loud music - what an experience!
People say they live in their own world, but the truth is they make the world their own.

Their debut album "job: genius, diagnose: madness" is a cruise through the deep and dark atlantic ocean, mixed with soulsaving flights across the universe.


aus Tirol | *2005
Medina Rekic
Hansjörg Loferer