Wilfried de Punk

Fünf neue Songs von Peter Boonstra aka Wilfried de Punk.
(Organic) Machinery
01 (Organic) Machinery (Interlude) (feat. Eren Özilhan)
05092015 - EM907 - klub

Wilfried de Punk über sich

Wilfried de Punk; first studio production-EP's “(Organic) Machinery” and "The good of passion" by Peter Boonstra, lead guitar on title track by “Eren Özilhan”
“WdP” is a project of Peter Boonstra, next release planned end of January 2016 – with a other theme.

Machines and sequences by WdP, Guitars by Eren Özilhan


aus Uithoorn | *2015
"Wilfried de Punk" is a project of Peter Boonstra


Herman Gorterhof 66
1422 JR Uithoorn