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FM4 High Spirits - Playlist vom 26.09.2017

honey dijon & sam sparro look ahead classic music comp.
juan hoerni & terry dexter love on high / roy davis jr. rmx chacha project
juan hoerni rhodes boiler chacha project
juan hoerni & terry dexter say it chacha project
soulphiction presents sbm critizise philpot
soulphiction presents sbm got to have it philpot
krewcial 2U lumberjacks in hell
douglas greed & mama full moon w&o street tracks
mama unmask me batty bass
soothsayers blinded souls / titeknots rmx wahwah 45s
tricky new stole false idols /! k7
tricky dark days false idols /! k7
tricky same as it ever was false idols /! k7
tricky armor false idols /! k7
tricky here my dear / hi spirits xtension false idols /! k7
tricky makes me wanna die / the weekend mix island
virgo 4 clap your hands chiwax
john gary williams the whole dams world is going crazy stax
charlene & the soul serenaders can you win stax
j j barnes sweet sherry stax
william bell happy stax
joni wilson loser's seat stax
margie joseph one more chance stax


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