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FM4 House of Pain - Playlist vom 10.4.2019

Ultima Radio Siberian
Monster Magnet Mastermind
The Obsessed Sacred
Hey Satan Housewife Blues
Black Lung Gone
Reflector Turning
Reflector Grim Reaper
Reflector Leave the Rave
Reflector If you go away
Dunfield Three Lion
Dunfield Three Fade to Gray
Gran Bankrott Letzter Arbeitstag
Gran Bankrott Bankrott
Dream Boogie Surf Green
Dream Boogie Good Boys Don’t Stop The Music
Dream Boogie Will There Ever Be A
Burning Alms Every City
Black As Chalk MA
Dead Kittens Sick
Static Means Undecided Life
Melt Downer Alter
Red Gaze Palms
Sister Jones Animal
Der Blutharsch O Lord
Vortex Awakeness
YOB The Screen