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FM4 Gästezimmer

FM4 Gästezimmer mit SYML

Der Singer/Songwriter Brian Fennel aka SYML über Musiker*innen, die ihn inspirieren und begeistern.

Von Susi Ondrusova

Seine erste Erinnerung an Musik sind lange Autofahrten mit den Eltern. Es war nicht das Autoradio, sondern sein damals modernes Musikabspielgerät a.k.a. Walkman, dem er verfallen ist. Die Songs, die er damals hörte, hat er in der Nacht aus dem Radio aufgenommen und so konnte er auf der Rückbank im Auto, von der Familie quasi abgeschottet, in seine eigene Welt versinken. Und die Landschaft an sich vorbeiziehen lassen. Die Musik von Tom Petty&The Heartbreakers oder Paul Simon hat ihn zum Beispiel immer begeistert. Das Zusammenspiel von Musik und Vocals. Scheinbar simple Songs mit maximalem Gänsehaut-Effekt. Eine Kunst wie Brian Fennel findet, so dass er sein eigenes Musikprojekt SYML nennt, das walisische Wort für „simple“. Walisisch deswegen, weil seine Vorfahren aus Wales kommen.

„It’s such a hard thing to make something simple. What goes on in our minds is not simple so as I’m writing these songs and getting all these ideas out … to distill and boil down until it’s really what I want to say and what I mean to say. It’s a bit of a workout. A discipline that you need to get better and better at. I chose the band name as a bit of a reminder to always be striving for simplicity.”

Im Frühling hat SYML sein selbstbetiteltes Album veröffentlicht, auf seiner aktuellen Tour hat er auch im FM4 Studio vorbeigeschaut, um über Musiker*innen zu sprechen, die ihn inspirieren und begeistern.

Elbow – Empires

“I was lucky enough to play with and meet this summer at a festival and this is one of the newer songs “Empires” I think it really sums up everything I love about Guy Garvey and Elbow and his presentation of the lyrics. Once you see them live it’s hard not to imagine them live everytime you listen to them. Texturally, musically, it’s one of my favourite bands!”

Lizzo – Boys

My two year old daughter requests this everytime we get in the car. If you know Lizzo you know that she embraces her femininity and she also embraces just being a human and speaking honestly and openly about that. About the beautiful things and about the hard things. Boys is a very fun song.”

Bon Iver - Hey, Ma

“Just like every other guy in his thirties I am a huge fan of Bon Iver. On Justin’s new album “i,i” there is a new song called “Hey, Ma” and I recently listened to an episode of a podcast called Songexploder where he talks about recording his latest album and it’s a moving experience. You should listen to it.”

The Highwomen - If She Ever Leaves Me

"This band is composed of Brandi Carlile, Maren Morris among other wonderful female artists. This is a song I heard recently of their new album. If you’re not aware of Brandi Carlile or the Highwomen this is a very country sounding album and song. I think what makes Brandi such a good student of this genre is the clever songwriting. “If she ever leaves me, it won’t be for you” is the catch of the song and it’s beautiful in its recording but also Brandi’s voice is insane in terms of making you believe her. I am fully in on this song!”

Post Malone ft SZA – Staring At The Sun

“He released a new record and I didn’t know about that until a week before it came out. I don’t know how artists do promotion anymore especially if you’re as big as Post Malone you just release an album and then it’s news instantly. It’s like Beyonce. On his new record there is a great featured artist SZA. I think Post Malone is great by this point I think we’re familiar with his sound enough to know his melodic signatures and his vocal affectations and I find it so endearing and in watching him live too. This dude drinks and smokes like a champion and still gets up every time and slaughters these vocals too. He’s a great writer too!”

Rosalia ft J Balvin - Con Altura

“I have yet to see her live but I´ve heard it’s an amazing production. A dance track but it’s also a bit sneaky it has these like sultry undertones through the whole thing. I’m not a big Spanish speaker but I get down with this song. It’s crazy.”

James Blake - Don’t Miss It

“I think James Blake will be remembered as one of the – I hope - most prolific artists of my time. I’m a fan of his voice, his lyrics, his live show, it´s all inspirational to me. When I’m creating music in the studio and I feel stuck I often listen to his music. The subtlety in his music is paramount. He must focus on that every time he sits down in the studio. This is a song called “Don’t Miss it” and if you’re kind of a little bit drunk and you’ve had a hard day this is the perfect song to end your day on. It has a positive message lyrically but it’s also just like this soundbath that you can just rest in!”

Shaed – Trampoline

“They’re from the US and we share a booking agent and that’s how I found them and they’re having some success with this song. It’s kinda got this “Bishop Briggs meets Billie Eilish” and her voice is insane. Let this carry you through the rest of your day!”

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