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Bayonne im alten schönen FM4 Studio

Radio FM4

FM4 Gästezimmer mit Bayonne

Welche Acts ihn inspirieren und in der letzten Dekade beeinflusst haben erzählt Roger Sellers aka Bayonne im FM4 Gästezimmer.

Von Susi Ondrušová

Er kann es nicht lassen. Selbst beim Spazierengehen packt Roger Sellers sein Aufnahmegerät aus und zeichnet auf was die Umgebung hergibt. Auf seiner Europa-Tour hat er mit Freunden einen Erkundungstrip durch Wien und Umgebung gemacht und es war unter anderem die Stille, die es ihm angetan hat: „There was a couple of points where it was so silent that I wanted to record the silence itself because then there would be a tiny little bird chirping in the background or you would hear some weird howl or something. Even just as I was walking the trail: the sound of our shoes against the dirt sounded really good!”

Heuer hat Bayonne sein Album „Drastic Measures“ veröffentlicht: „detailreiche, überschäumende Popmusik voll komplexer Rhythmen und hymnischer Melodien“ wie Katharina Seidler schreibt. Vom Track „I Know“ gab es einen salute Remix und eine FM4 Acoustic Session bei der man genau sehen konnte, wie Bayonne bei seiner 1-Man-Show seine Tracks zusammenloopt. Neben dem Titelsong „Drastic Measures“ und „Uncertainly Deranged“ hat er auch eine Klavierversion von seinem Song „Same“ performt.

Im FM4 Gästezimmer spricht er über Musiker*innen, die ihn in den letzten Jahren begleitet und inspiriert haben:

sir Was ft. Little Dragon – Deployed

They’re both from Sweden and I really love sir Was. His first record that’s on City Slang is a really really good record. I´ve listened to Little Dragon for like ten years now so them collaborating means a lot to me. The song is great.

Kero Kero Bonito – Time Today

They´re a band that I recently discovered and it´s really crazy crazy music. This one´s not actually as crazy but their last record just goes all over the place and I was just immediately strangely addicted to it. This is just like a perfect 90ies pop song!

Air – Universal Traveler

Air is still one of my favourite bands. I remember listening to this record over and over and over again when I first started touring so it means a lot to me. This is one of my favourite songs off that record.

Pure Bathing Culture – Scotty

They’re a band from Portland, they’re friends of mine actually and they’ve been putting out some of the best music that I’ve heard over the last ten years. They’re one of my favourite bands for sure and they put on a really really good show so if they ever come you definitely need to see them.

Westerman – Confirmation

He is a relatively new artist coming from the UK and when I first heard this song I was just blown away by this production and the melody and it´s just right up my alley. It´s chill, it´s comforting. He really does it right here.

Bibio – lover’s carvings

I´ve been listening to Bibio for probably ten years now. I love the fact that he just doesn’t tour, he just puts out his music and he can still maintain some kind of career that way. He´s definitely one of my favourite producers.

Wye Oak – Before

This is the first song off of Wye Oak´s record “Shriek” which is probably one of my top 3 favourite records if I had to immediately choose. Wye Oak is a top favourite band for me. I´ve done a little bit of touring with them before, they´re wonderful people. Jen has the voice of an angel and Andy is an incredible producer.

Pinback – This Red Book

This song is a little old but Pinback has been my favorite band since I was like 14 and this is one of their best songs.

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