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Ferdinand Portrait


Ferdinand fka Left Boy im FM4 Gästezimmer

Von all-time Classics über ultimative chill Vibes und sweet Sounds, bis hin zu Sommersongs und hartem Rap. Ferdinands Songauswahl ist genau so vielfältig wie seine eigene Musik.

Von Alica Ouschan

Letztes Jahr erschien ein bekanntes Gesicht mit vertrauter Stimme plötzlich unter neuem Namen auf Spotify. Ferdinand hat Left Boy wortwörtlich hinter sich gelassen und bringt seine Musik seitdem unter seinem echten Namen raus.

FM4 Gästezimmer: Sonntags von 16 bis 17 Uhr auf Radio FM4 und anschließend für 7 Tage im FM4 Player

Der Name ist neu, die meisten anderen Sachen sind aber gleich geblieben: Ferdinand ist nach wie vor ein ganz großer Entertainer, dessen Spezialität es ist, verschiedenste Genres auf unerwartete, aber überzeugende Weise zu kombinieren. Genau das spiegelt sich auch in seiner Songauswahl im FM4 Gästezimmer wieder.

The Cars - „Just what I needed“

„I’m obsessed with this song! RIP to the lead singer, he just died like half a year ago. But this song is amazing and I can’t get over how awesome this transition into the hook is. And the hook - I’m just obsessed with it! Whenever I get into the studio with guitarists that I’m trying to make a new record with, I’ll play them The Cars ‚Just what I needed‘ to see if they can emulate it somehow, how awesome that fucking hook feels.“

Herbie Hancock - „Watermelon man“

„You know these songs that you hear and you’re like ‚Okay, I know that song, I have just no clue what it’s called‘ and there’s this one song that I was kind of always searching for. I never really knew how to find it and I didn’t have an example of where to hear it. It would just randomly come on in certain places and then Busy P. - the guy who runs Ed Banger Records - he posted a video of his New Year’s Eve a year ago and he was playing Herbie Hancock ‚Watermelon man‘ which is this awesome song! These are some chill vibes, everyone’s stuck at home, so I hope you can just relax listening to this record.“

Bobby McFerrin - „Drive“

„This song is for people who are riding in their cars! Fun fact about me, when I was like twelve I wanted to be a DJ - cool thing: now I get to DJ on the radio for you guys - and then, when I was fourteen my brother showed me Rahzel, who was the greatest beatboxer at the time and then I knew my true calling was to be a beatboxer. So I spent years being obsessed with becoming a beatboxer and then I discovered that the OG original beatboxer is basically Bobby McFerrin who my Mum was listening to. So we’d always listen to this Yo-Yo Ma, Bobby McFerrin album and on this record is Bobby McFerrin making all this noises. If you’re sitting in the car this song is for you and you can imagine yourself going 300km/h on the highway!“

Buffalo Springfield - „For what it’s worth“

„I was listening to this song all summer! This is just the ultimate chill vibe, so maybe get yourself into the bathtub and imagine you’re laying in one of those floating rings at the beach or you’re riding around on your bicycle on a nice sunny day.“

Eric Clapton - „Layla (acoustic live version)“

„This song is very dear to my heart. It’s a song I kind of sampled back in the day and I tried emulating parts of it... anyways, I think everybody loves this song! I don’t think I’ve ever met a person that doesn’t love this song - it’s just the best!“

Griselda - „Dr Birds“

„These guys are freakin’ awesome, it’s gonna be a brief segway from all the nice vibes we’ve been on. This is some OG rap shit but these guys are new - not that new, people who know about music probably know these guys but I really like this stuff. I really like riding around and listening to this record, so if you’re in the car or if you’re moving right now this is just a really cool vibe - this beat is just so dope!“

Bobby Caldwell - „What you won’t do for love“

„We’re taking it back to the chill vibes! Now we’re gonna give you another sweet song again, I don’t really know what to say about it other than that it’s freakin’ awesome... oh yeah, what I will say about it is, that I was surprised to find out this is a white guy singing this song.“

Kean Farrar - „Heartthrob“

„Next up is a song from one of our own artists on Made Jour Label - by the way Happy Release to Kean Farrar, he just put out his song ‚Dawn‘ on Friday! I’m gonna play you a classic Kean Farrar record, this is the one that kind of jump-started his career.“

Van McCoy - „The Hustle“

„I’m gonna close off with a song that I think puts everyone in a good mood. Amazing record, I hope this song cheers you up. Stay safe, stay healthy and I wish you guys an amazing Sunday!“