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FM4 House of Pain - Playlist vom 30.6.2021

Motorcycle (Straight To Hell) Monster Magnet
The Road Holm
Time Has Come Intra
Jubilee Suricates
No Dice Ewig Frost
Into The Night Ewig Frost
In da Not Ewig Frost
Satan II Ewig Frost
New Cold War Ewig Frost
De Gier (Is A Luada) Ewig Frost
Bad Beat Boogie Ewig Frost
Mary Jane Ewig Frost
The Triumph of King Freak Rob Zombie
The Ballad of Sleazy Rider Rob Zombie
Shadow of the Cemetary Man Rob Zombie
Born to Go Monster Magnet
Epitaph for a Head Monster Magnet
Solid Gold Hell Monster Magnet
Holiday Turnstile
Osmium Naplava
Exodus Naplava
Nature of Force KRPL
Gross White Melt Downer
Chain Boys Modecenter
No Pain Succopuss
King of the Waves Johnny & The Rotten
Full Speed Ahead Eddie Kilowatts