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La Boum de Luxe - Playlist vom 28.1.2022

La boum de luxe (21.00-04.00)
mit Patrick Pulsinger und Slack Hippy

27 years in Satan’s Ass – mixed and compiled by Patrick Pulsinger

Patrick Pulsinger


Fast drei Jahrzehnte haben wir La boum de Lüchse uns geweigert, Jahres- oder gar Jahrzehntrückblicke, Jubiläen etc. zu feiern, weil unser Motto immer war: „Forward ever, backwards never!“ Wir wollten immer Vollgas nach vorne und uns nicht mit Vergangenheitsaufarbeitung beschäftigen. Heuer zum FM4 Geburtstag schauen wir also zum ersten Mal in unserer Geschichte in den Rückspiegel. Freut euch auf ein zweistündiges Meisterwerk von Patrick Pulsinger! Die Essenz von 27 Jahren Clubgeschichte, zu jedem Jahr ein legendärer Track – vom Meister himself in minutiöser Studioarbeit gemischt!

Patrick Pulsinger - 27 Years In Satans Ass Mix

1995 - Robert Hood Nighttime World Cheap Records
1996 - Jeff Mills The Bells Axis Records
1997 - Jedi Knights Solina Global Communications
1998 - i-F Space Invaders are smoking Grass Viewlexx
1999 - Pepe Bradock Deep burned Kif Recordings
2000 - Windowlicker Apex Twin WARP RECORDS
2001 - Squarepusher Red Hot Car WARP RECORDS
2002 - Jazzanova Days to come Ian O`Brien Remix) Sonar Kollektiv
2003 - Christopher Just Burn Acid Cheap Records
2004 - Modeselektor Turn Deaf Bpitch Control
2005 - Skream Midnight request line TEMPA
2006 - Jahcoozi Black Barbie Stereotype Remix)
2007 - Smith n Hack To Our Disco Friends Smith N Hack LTD
2008 - Hardfloor The life we choose E.R.P. Remix
2009 - Dorian Concept Trilingual Dance sexperience. Ogris Debris Relick
2010 - Roland M Dill Casino Capitalism TRAPEZ
2011 - Nicolas Jahr Space is only Noise if you can see Dave Alu Remix
2012 - Elektro Guzzi Panier Macro
2013 - Komon & Appleblim Gas Jam Apple Pips
2014 - Red Axis Kicks out of you (feat. Abrann) CLICHE
2015 - Dj Sotofett Tribute to sore Fingers FIT SOUNDS
2016 - Liga Planet E Turbo Recordings
2017 - Kilter They don’t know us Health Club Remix
2018 - Sam Irl &Dusty Love Prelude Jazz and Milk
2019 - Peletronic Blyss (Demuja Remix) Fortuna
2020 - Detroits Filthiest Hot Cheetos Motor City Electro Company
2021 - Aida Arko A New Empire Soma
2022 ?

Slack Hippy
Slack Hippy back once again after a 2 month pause and coming right at you for the FM4 27th Birthday Party. He has some wicked tunes in his box, and some great Artists lined up to take you through the night. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Slack Hippy

Spektral Sounds Big Up VIP City Roads
Overmono Diamond Cut XL
Groovy D Keep Movin`On Time Is Now
SoundBwoy Killah Abra Cadabra Sneaker Social Club
2 Bad Mice Limit of Paradise ( Falty DJ Remix ) Sneaker Social Club
Alfred Iris 20:20 Vision
Spin Fidelity Fall Magnonic Signals
Alfred Direct Hit 20:20 Vision
Bakey Vibing Season feat. Slay Time is Now
Unknown Artist ? White Label
Erdem Tunakan Three of Five Cheap
Sansibar What Now Paradise Industrial Complex
EDMX SU141 Casa Voyager
Overmono BBY XL Recordings
Skream Doolally Steel City Dance Discs

DJ Odd (Off The Grid)
Originally coming from jungle and electro with a longer stop at (dub) techno and dubstep, Odd stayed true to this approach and in his current sets and productions combines broken techno and UK bass with an open ear towards house and early 90ties jungle / rave.
Together with DJ Defizit, B.Ranks and Ramires R, Odd founded OFF THE GRID in 2019.

DJ Odd

Soul Mass Transit Not All One Warehouse Rave
Main Phase Freaky Time Is Now
Disaffected Can’t Compare CNCPT
Main Phase Ground 01 Lost City Archives
Bakey Fast Forward 199
Tower Block Dreams Soundboy Time Is Now
Wen Let M B South London Pressings
Soundbwoy Killah Runnaway Warehouse Rave
Baby J Stay Soul Mass Transit System
Djason The Function Time Is Now
Djason London 2 Leeds Soul Mass Transit System
Main Phase This Time Is Now
DJ Backspin Weapon 97 Relics
RIP Groove Double 99 - Tim Deluxe 2006 Version Skint
Soul Mass Transit We Are IE Rmx Soul Mass Transit
Bandoe Sidewinder P45 SOUND
Soul Mass Transit My MC Warehouse Rave

Mental Decay
Mental Decay is a Drum & Bass, Jungle, Dub, Footwork and Bass music DJ from Vienna (Austria) with more than a decade of experience behind the decks. Being heavily influenced by the UK Soundsystem culture, as well as its Jamaican roots, he spins a large variety of genres. In recent years Mental Decays focus shifted from playing multi-genre sets to mainly Drum & Bass in all it’s different colours. He’s part of the Booyah! Crew and the
The Liquid Collective.

Mental Decay

Break, Fields, Villem, Mcleod Intention Dub Computer Integrated Audio
DJ Ham Most Uplifting (Bladerunner Remix) Dope Ammo
Dawn Wall Emblem Of The Sun Ekho
The Vanguard Project Burning Up Hospital Records
T-Kay Jah Know Star Liondub International
The Vanguard Project More Jungle Spearhead Records
Mage Slow Flow Celsius Recordings
DJ Fresh Gatekeeper (Stokka & Mozzy Bootleg) Not on Label
Dynamite MC, Drs, The Vanguard Project Playing In The Dark feat. The Vanguard Project Hospital Records
Pandora Headache Drum Lab Audio
Rider Shafique, Lost City Focus (JNGL Mix) Liondub International
Serum, Voltage Cyber Funkin Philly Blunt Records
Sizzla, Mista Savona Blessed (Benny Page Remix) Muti Music
Gella, Benny V Rebirth Dance Concept
Doctor, Tony Anthem I Love It feat. Doctor Rasta Vibez
Henry & Echo Motion Nostalgia Glitch Audio
High Contrast If We Ever (Unglued Remix) Highly Contrasting
DJ Madd Gangsta Junglist Unchained Recordings
Bladerunner Bass Love Hi Resolution
DJ Hybrid Original Business Ruffneck Ting
Kumarachi, Veak Nebula Deep In The Jungle Records
The Dream Team featuring Daddy Freddy Stamina (Jayline Remix) Asbo Records
DJ Nut Nut featuring Top Cat Special Dedication (Sigma Remix) Street Life
Spexion Threshold Formation Records
Drumsound & Bassline Smith Rasta Blasta (VIP) V Recordings
Nu:Tone Balaclava Hospital Records
Deekline, Queen Omega, Manudigital Don't Call Me Local Jungle Cakes
Abstrakt Vision Revive Lost Recordings
DJ Hybrid Ready To Rumble Serial Killaz
Drumcatcher Jungle Spirit Impact Music
A-Zone, Aphrodite Calling The People feat. Aphrodite (Bladerunner Remix) Aphrodite Recordings
Mr Benn, Tlya X An Strangers (Gray Remix) Nice Up!

Captain Caracho
Geprägt von Hip Hop, Reggae, Punk und Metal entdeckte Captain Caracho mit 17 Jahren elektronische Musik für sich. Bald darauf verspürte er das Verlangen selber hinter den Decks aktiv zu werden. Genregrenzen sind ihm dabei fremd, neben Techno und House spielen die basslastigen Sounds des britischen Hardcore-Continuums eine Hauptrolle in Carachos DJ-Sets und auch die Einflüsse aus seiner Jugend hört man immer wieder durch.

Captain Caracho

Breaka Mass Gathering Breaka Records
Off The Meds Karlaplan Remix Studio Barnhaus
KETTAMA This Break Sounds Better With You KETTAMA
Main Phase, Pepe Elle Alright Then ( Pépé Elle 4x4 Remix ) 3 Feet Deep
Skream Midnight Request Line (Pj Bridger Refix) Pj Dubs
Hypho London Tower Blocks 94’ ( Interplanetary Criminal Remix ) Time is now
BAKEY Bring It Back Time is now
Solitary Dancer U.N.I.T.Y. Private Possesions
Overmono Bby XL Recording
Detwiler Belter Skelter QRUK
Thrilogy Ruff Bug Fate & Fiction
Tessela Hackney Parrot (Disaffected Bootleg) Tessela
Raredub,Kink,SREBREV How The Fire Started ( Dub ) Sofia

DJ Michael
Michael is a regular guest to the show and always surprises with his wide range of sound . He has been collecting Vinyl since 1984 and is a huge fan of La Boum De Luxe. His sets are strictly Vinyl and his mixes come straight out of his Bedroom. A true school Bedroom DJ so to say.

DJ Michael

Adeva It Should've Been Me (Classic Club Mix) Cooltempo
Grooves Unlimited DJ Tools Volume 1 Do Your Thang Rawhaus Records
Liberty City Some Lovin' (Dub) Network Records
T'N'I On 'N' On Intense Recordings
Paperclip People Remake (Uno) Open
Sueño Latino Featuring Carolina Damas Sueño Latino BCM Records
Format #2 Dance ESP Records
The Wildchild Experience Wildtrax Vol. 1 Know Eye (Long As You Like Mix) Loaded Records
Keith Thompson I Want What You've Got (Dub) Powertraxx Records
Inner City Let It Reign (Reese Hardcore Mix) 10 Records
4th Measure Men Just A Dream (MK Mix) Area 10
Spice Anything Goes (Getdown Vocal Mix) Night Club Records
Reese Project Station Of The Groove (Jay Denham Mix) Giant Records
Deskee Let There Be House (Westbam Mix) Black Out
Storm I'm A Sex Maniac (Club Mix) Sex Mania
St. Etienne Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Masters At Work Dub) Warner Bros

Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide Show