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Easy Life mit flauschig rosa Kostüm

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FM4 Gästezimmer mit Easy Life

Der Sänger der Londoner Indie-RnB-Band stellt im FM4 Gästezimmer seine Lieblingssongs vor.

Von Susi Ondrušová

„Life’s A Beach“ heißt das Debütalbum der fünfköpfigen Londoner Band Easy Life. Wenn es nach der Tastemaker-Hitparaden-Liste der BBC geht, hätte schon 2020 das große Jahr von Easy Life werden sollen. Mit kleiner Verspätung und nach zweifacher Genesung sind Easy Life nun auf großer Eroberungs-Tour. Nach Konzerten in Europa, die Easy Life auch nach Wien in die Grelle Forelle geführt haben, wird die Band die nächsten Wochen in der USA verbringen. So muss Pop im Jahr 2022 klingen: nach Party, nach Leben, nach Freundschaft.

Die Suche nach Glück und leichtem Leben. Aber was ist schon leicht? Den dazugehörigen Bandnamen erfinden vielleicht? Das war leicht: „Everybody on the surface is searching for an easy life. But what is an easy life? Sometimes you think oh if we had loads of money that would be easy. But maybe it’s not about money but trying to be happy and how do you become happy? Everybody is aspiring to an easy life and nobody knows how on earth to get there”, sagt Murray Matravers, Frontman von Easy Life.

FM4 Gästezimmer mit Murray von Easy Life

Am Sonntag 3.April von 16-17 Uhr auf FM4 und im FM4 Player.

Eine Teillösung auf die Frage könnte lauten: gute Musik ist gutes Leben. Über was anderes möchte Murray eigentlich nicht reden, nicht über C-Wort (Covid), nicht über das B-Wort (Brexit) dafür über A wie ABBA!

Im FM4 Gästezimmer stellt Murray von Easy Life seine Lieblingssongs vor:

Dijon – Big Mike’s

We’ve been following Dijon for a long time and he has just released this incredible record. There’s loads of amazing sessions that he has done on YouTube as well. If you’ve got time, you should check them out. They’re really cool. The way it’s been recorded is super, super dope. It’s all like room mics and ambient and really amazing. Their whole album is incredible.

Haim – The Steps

This whole album “Women in Music III” is amazing. I love it. They’re super cool. I’ve always been a huge fan and they’re really into like geeky music production stuff, which I really appreciate.

JMSN - Don’t Make Me Change

I’m obsessed with this song! You should also watch the music video. Oh my god, it’s wow! There’s sort of what I can only describe as like the sun, and it’s like this fiery planet. And he’s almost like this demon, and he’s doing this crazy dancing, it’s really cool. It looks like it was all shot on film as well, it’s a really cool video. And the drums on this song and the bass? Ridiculous! Really cool, that’s probably one of my favourite songs I’ve heard for a while. That changes all the time, but it’s really, really good!

Little Simz ft Obongjayar – Point&Kill

A fellow brit! This is an amazing tune. It’s so good. This whole album “Sometimes I Might Be Introvert“ is incredible. Produced by a dude called Inflo who is just ridiculous. The whole production on the whole record is really, really cool. Lots of orchestral stuff. Little Simz is just probably the coolest artist ever right now, which is really inspiring. They also did an amazing tiny desk session. They performed this song and it’s just incredible. All the musicians are top of the game.

ABBA – Knowing Me Knowing You

We couldn’t do an Easy Life playlist without including some ABBA! Some of you guys out there are going to just turn this off straight away because I feel like ABBA divides people. It’s quite polarizing. You either really dig it or you hate it. Even internally within Easy Life, not everyone likes ABBA but I’m out here doing the FM4 guestroom so I’m choosing ABBA „Knowing Me Knowing You“. In fact, I was just singing this to Louis earlier saying like, how sad it is. This is such a sad song! We always talk about ABBA. That’s probably really uncool. But hey ABBA is cool. I think it’s amazing.

TV Priest – Lifesize

Our creative director and a very, very, very good friend of mine is the lead singer of TV Priest. He is a multi-talented writer, poet, artist and one of my best friends, a guy called Charlie, so I had to include him in this playlist. His music is incredible, and the funny thing about it is: he never told us he was in a band. I knew him for like four years before he was like oh yeah, I’m in this band and he’s signed to Sub Pop and is super cool. These guys are amazing.

Warpaint – Biggy

We love this song. We’re always listening to it because of the keyboards and the synths in there. They’re spot on, they’ve absolutely nailed it. I don’t even know what keyboards they’re using, but they sound very, very beautiful to me.