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FM4 House of Pain - Playlist vom 1.6.2022

Boneshaker Airbourne
The Devil´s Bleeding Crown Volbeat
Let the dark do the rest Korn
My Confession Korn
Brainwashed While she Sleeps
Surrouned by spies Placebo
Fix Yourself Placebo
Seal the Deal Volbeat
KONZERTVORSCHAU Christian Holzmann
Everything Beatstacks
Who Needs Friends Royal Blood
Woman Wolfmother
Cold Blood Health feat. Lamb of God
Shpinx Gojira
Teardrinker Mastodon
Urban Decay Agnostic Front
Trainwreck Igel vs. Shark
Jaded Black Inhale
What´s good Deez Nuts
Disclosure! Jinjer
How Will I Rest in Peace if I'm Buried by a Highway? KennyHoopla
hollywood sucks// KennyHoopla
The Club Hinds
Garden Hinds
A Feeling :aexattack
OKAY :aexattack
Bad Influence Hot Milk
Teenage Runaways Hot Milk
The Kids Aren't Alright The Offspring
Fortsetzung Nova Rock Special
Anxiety Bad Religion
Sanctuary Kill The Lycan
Darkness Settles In Five Finger Death Punch