Dieser Grazer Gitarrist, Bassist und Sänger setzt neben Tätigkeit in einer Band seine eigenen Ideen computerunterstützt um.
So Much To Talk
Many people like to talk ‘bout a newborn baby-stork Even ‘bout a plastic frog, princess kiss, and horny dog Lazy horse, feeding dish, hyperactive tiny fish Pussy cat, a big fat dong, and how they like to suck bonbon Tough regress at bargain sale, fitting dress beyond the veil Modern style, no sewing kit, how to buy expensive shit Light disaster, coffee brewed, slimming faster, execute Shoutin’ at a discotheque, and dancin’ like a maniac Talk about your brandnew car, talk about the way you are Interested in the next week's weather – it's gettin‘ worse or even better Talk about your loving wife, talk about how she arrived In a box from Vietnam, no one knew there she was gone Talk show babblin’ – in ev’ry corner, nothing but a – semantic porno Slogans, words and baby shit, swirling round my brain and it is Clear that there is – Nowhere to hide from Talk, talk, talkin’ – Ba ba ba Babylon Silence is what I deserve All shut up, my final word So much to talk So much to talk Talk, talk, talk.

Badhadbug über sich

Zitat: "Badhadbug is a musician/songwriter, best known as the guitarist, singer and co-founder of Austrian rock/reggae band SLIPPERY SLOPE. He was born to Croatian immigrants on May 13, 1979 in Graz, Austria. His parents raised him bilingually.
Marko spent his childhood years by travelling with his parents often to Croatia and Serbia where he met relatives and friends while attending school in Austria. That's how he got in touch with Balkan music and enjoyed Yugoslav rock bands like Bajaga & Instruktori, Riblja Čorba, Bjelo Dugme, Prljavo Kazalište, Plavi Orkestar and many others.
In 1992 after Yugoslav Wars, when Slovenia and Croatia were internationally recognized by most European countries, Marko spent summer time with his family in Croatia. There he watched MTV Music Awards show on TV and got in touch with the sound of American rock band Nirvana and was fascinated by their legendary performance.
Inspired by Nirvana he showed interest in playing guitar. An old acoustic guitar of his father existed but was unplayable. He received a lesson in tuning and easily permission to play on his brother's acoustic guitar. That's how Marko started to get knowledge about guitar. In free time he often practiced with some friends he knew from school, like electro-jazz musician Alex Pinter or Daniel Bäck from Austrian metal band No Fate, covering songs of various rock artists.
In summer of 1993 he finally met drummer Mario Morschner at a party who shared same interests and they began hanging out shortly thereafter. Mario's father Peter Morschner, who was the bassist of several blues bands like Power Project Band or The 20th Century Blues Band with lead guitarist and singer Ripoff Raskolnikov, setup a band practice room in the basement of their house. Soon Mario and Badhadbug agreed to start a band :) at last named as SLIPPERY SLOPE (Rock/Reggae). "


aus Graz | *2002


Badhadbug empfiehlt:

reeva | vor 7590 Tagen, 6 Stunden, 24 Minuten
sehr interessante Ideen, ein bisschen rumfeilen, ein cooler Gesang vielleicht, und es wäre wirklich super :) lg Reeva  
badhadbug | vor 7594 Tagen, 18 Stunden, 3 Minuten
.....bin für jede ernstgemeinte Kritik und alles was kommen mag dankbar....