Binder & Krieglstein

Der Grazer Schlagzeuger und Produzent hat einen "Kohlhauser" Remix im "New Weird Austria"-Stil eingeschickt.
Kohlhauser (NWA Remix feat. 's Morcherl)

Binder & Krieglstein ├╝ber sich


It is a strange journey through the weirdest of universes that Binder & Krieglstein are attempting on their new album, quite adequately titled “Trip”. They might even have had to abuse illegal alien substances (like Dödödsöm worms) on their way in order to gain a better understanding of all the phantasmagoric creatures that crossed their path.


Even then they might not have fully grasped the actual MEANING of all the places they discvovered. The most probable scenario: They went somewhere, they watched and they started humming a tune, a tune from deep inside. “Trip” is the diary of these rich travels. “Trip” collects the field recordings of their elusive Journey. “Trip” is a mind-boggling – yes - trip through 21st century realities. A journey full of heavenly transcendental sensations and hellish bodily experiences.


The journey starts in “Santa Fe”, a merry town on the boarder of Wahnsinn, where deadly basslines meet French psychobilly raps and hysterical Indian chants. You will want to stay, you whisper “Will not stop”. And you won´t – because the second track already makes you jump and twitch to vocals that the real connaisseur will easily recognize as Maki´s, who had already contributed the vocals to some tracks on B&K´s chart storming debut album “International” some two years ago. But something terrible must have happened since then – listen for yourself!


You move on quickly: Hey, there are guitar-playing “Monkeys” with girdles of kula feathers around their necks on the road! You like monkeys? You smile the Caribean way! You move on - just around the corner: Hey, there are genetically manipulated, singing “Chicken” everywhere – and they are naked! You love chicken? You smile your dumbest smile! Better stay in your “Kitchen” then. Sing along, it´s an easy four chord singalong piece for the really simple-minded. It´s for you! And it´s fun!


Then, after more than 15 minutes you slowly start coming off from it. You realize: All lost (“Alles verloren”)! The anthem, that Austria has always deserved. The anthem that breathes the rich Middle-European spirit from Kosice and Kapfenberg, Sarajevo and Simmering, Oberpullendorf and Odessa and at the same time brings the Balkans to the club. It´s more than a track. It´s a life. A life between post-imperial melancholy, pannonic-balkanic joy of life and morbid ecstasy. Hit “Repeat”!


And the trip goes on. You get to meet “Angels”, that implant a magic piano hook into your brain, that just won´t let go. Were you “Born in the ghetto”? Definitely! But in which one? Try yodeling – it always helps. The listen: “Ten billion stars” combines Pistols-Punk with Stars-of-45-Marathon-Dancingkissingsweating. “Dödödsöm” – you already know! And “Jesus” leads you right into the magic heart of Europe – Eurovision Megacity - preaching the gospel of all the lords and the freed markets. Worship! To finish: Chill on a “Day trip” or dwell in memories with 2003´s Ueberhit “Wir wissen nicht…”, Shantels “Bucovinara-Mix” of THE B&K-classic.


Twelve tracks – twelve voices – twelve deep probes into the human subconciousness from Austria´s finest: It´s a trip into heaven – on a highway to hell. Experience: Ecstasy, Epilepsy, Esperanto and Esperanza! Race along!


aus Graz | *2000
Rainer Binder-Krieglstein


Binder & Krieglstein empfiehlt:

berttek | vor 4974 Tagen, 7 Stunden, 39 Minuten
Skero Remix
Hallo Rainer Makki und Uweh!!
Der beste Remix meiner Meinung!
Generell finde ich euren Sound voll fein!!  
johnsilence | vor 4988 Tagen, 3 Stunden, 18 Minuten
griechische kabine
i glaub i bin im urlaub ;-)  
katjes4 | vor 5447 Tagen, 10 Stunden, 27 Minuten
yeah, ihr könnts echt was!

liebste grüße.  
kingace | vor 6698 Tagen, 15 Stunden, 9 Minuten
Ich wolt nur sagen, dass mir euer auftritt beim parkhouse in graz echt super gefallen hat.

Ich war im gegensatz zu so vielen anderen, nur wegen euch dort.  
anymaniac | vor 6815 Tagen, 8 Stunden, 27 Minuten
mhm mhm
nett das ding... aber b&k style isses nicht find ich :)  
anymaniac | vor 6815 Tagen, 8 Stunden, 27 Minuten
viel zu viel text da oben.. (beschriebung)  
saedla | vor 6815 Tagen, 8 Stunden, 50 Minuten
hi rainer,
sehr schoen!
magst reinhoeren?
- unser bassist  
valesta | vor 6815 Tagen, 13 Stunden, 28 Minuten
gut gelungener Track!
Ich gratulier euch zu eurem Remix!
Gefällt mir echt gut!
War auch nicht anders zu erwarten!

Würd mich freun wenn ihr mir eure meinung über meinen Remix sagt!

lg Valesta