Brigitte Bordeaux

Drei Schweden, die via London und Brooklyn in Wien gelandet sind, präsentieren drei neue Songs.
Mussel Farm Blues (Radio Edit)
Rock, Baby (Single) (May 2012) ISRC: ATR981131428

Brigitte Bordeaux Ă¼ber sich

"The Others" is the first of four EPs to be released in the course of Brigitte Bordeaux' tetralogy called "Animus Quattuor". Brigitte Bordeaux deal with human feelings in times of crises - personal as well as global crises - or a blend of both. A description of this veritably weird life in the 21st century.

On October, 25th, "The Others" is going to be released on music attractor.

The second EP of the tetralogy will be called "Crushed Timeout" and follows in February 2012.

Brigitte Bordeaux create an opus, which is shambling between account, revision, catharsis, odysseys and a kind of naive enthusiasm for the present.

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aus Born in Sweden, learned in London, produced in Brooklyn and living as world citizens in Vienna | *2011



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